Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th February 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Ahana stops wardboys from carrying Bhuvan’s body and asks one wardboy to remove his shirt. Rudra asks what she wants to do. Ahana asks if they want to shut Mahima’s mouth or not and asks inspector to bring dummy body from his van. Inspector asks constable to bring dummy body from van. Ahana asks gawar/Yuvraj to remove shirt from Bhuvan and exchange it with wardboy’s shirt, then put it on dummy and burn it to fool Mahima. Preesha asks Rudra to be with Yuvraj and help him and keep an eye on him while she takes Bhuvan to hospital with others. Yuvraj burns dummy and sends pic to Mahima. Mahima thinks finally Yuvraj burnt Bhuvan’s body. She calls advocate to come tomorrow and read Balraj’s will as she cannot claim anything without that. Sharda hears her conversation and thinks if she does so, all their wealth and company will go to Mahima legally, so she needs to inform Preesha about it.

Bhuvan wakes up in hospital. Preesha says poison is out of his body, but he cannot walk as he lost sensation of his legs due to poison for sometime and he can walk after sometime. Doctor asks Bhuvan to thank Preesha for saving his life. Bhuvan thanks Preesha and says she saved his life even after what he did. Rudra confronts him for killing his father and destroying his family, he could have asked money instead directly. Bhuvan says he couldn’t have revenge of his sister Sonia Garg from him. Rudra says he doesn’t know any Sonia. Bhuvan says he is lying, his sister Sonia died because of him; she was his biggest fan. He goes into flashback where he sees his sister listening to Rudra’s songs and desiring to become a signer like Rudra. Sonia gets a call and excitedly informs Bhuvan that she is getting a chance to sing with Rudra, she had sent her song CD to him and he liked her voice and called her to Delhi. Bhuvan drops her at airport and asks to take care of herself. Sonia says she is going from Patna to Delhi and sees him off. Out of flashback, he says he didn’t get any call from his sister, so he came to Delhi to search her, he searched Khurana House address first and tried to meet Rudra in vain, so he went to police who also didn’t help and asked to bring any proof against Rudra; he then hired a private detective who found that Sonia was seen in a hotel a few days ago. Inspector says that hotel is famous for prostitution; he had raided that hotel 3 months ago and found some stuff there, Bhuvan can check the stuff and identify if some belongs its to his sister. Bhuvan agrees. Inspector calls constable to bring the stuff. Rudra tells Bhuvan that he feels sorry for his sister, but he really doesn’t know her. Ahana says they call singers and candidates to their studio and not hotel. Preesha says someone must have called him taking Rudra’s name. Inspector shows stuff to Bhuvan. Bhuv identifies Sonia’s CD. Rudra assures that they will find his sister and get the culprit punished, he should trust them. Bhuvan says he will trust because of Preesha and praises Preesha that she is very kind hearted and cannot think of harming anyone, she loves Rudra immensely, etc. He further says that he wanted to make Rudra feel a pain of losing dear ones and is not a murderer, he fell in Mahima’s trap an will help them catch Mahima.

Sharda calls Preesha and informs that Mahima called lawyer and is making him read Balraj’s will; she wants to destroy Khurana family; once she gets the will read, she will take over all the wealth as she is Saransh’s biological mother. Preesha says she will do something and informs Rudra and Ahana. Ahana gets tensed and says Mahima will take over all their properties and company, so they should stop her. Rudra asks what should they do. Preesha says akka played games with them, now its their turn.

At night, Mahima gets a message from someone that he knows her secret about fake Rudra/Bhuvan and she should meet him at the same place where she poisoned and killed Bhuvan. Mahima panics and thinks Yuvraj must have sent it, so she calls him, but he is busy driving and doesn’t notice her call. She then thinks it can’t be Yuvraj as he would pester her for money and she is his ATM, so it must be someone else and she needs to meet him to find his motive. She reaches the spot and shouts who is he, come out in front of him. Rudra walks to her. She says he should be in jail, how did he come out. He says he is Bhuvan. She says she killed him. He says he is dead and is a spirit. He describes her each sin using him and asks why did she poison him. Mahima shouts if she had not killed him, Preesha would have forced him to take her name. She repeats in detail how she used him for her benefit.