Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Kabir tells Ahana that he is telling truth and asks Mishka what was she doing in his bathroom. Ahana slaps Mishka. Kabir asks her to chat with her calmly. Sulochana says good Mishka did this with Kabir or else if it was someone else, situation would have been bad. Mishka stands shocked. Sulochana continues that Kabir is sanskari and her would be BIL, so he controlled himself or else someone else would have misused her advances. Ahana continues scolding Mishka. Mishka walks away from there. Preesha follows her and apologizes. Mishka asks why is she apologizing, don’t know how Kabir changed his tone suddenly, their plan failed. Rudra hears that and shouts if it was Preesha’s plan to defame his brother. Preesha says let her explain. He drags her away.

Sulochana continues provoking Ahana against Mishka and asks her to go and attend guests as they will feel left out without host. Ahana walks away warning her not to share free gyaan/knowledge. Kabir closes door and praises Sulochana that she is her god who saved her many times today. Sulochana says their time is going well or else they would have been on road; good she heard conversation and reminisces Preesha speaking to Mishka and warning her against Kabir. She walks to Kabir and stops him from entering bathroom. Kabir says he is getting prasad freely and will not leave it easily. She scolds him and informs Preesha’s plan, then asks him to go in and do whatever she says, and explains her plan. Out of flashback, Kabir says he escaped even today. Sulochana says Mishka is caught.

Rudra as usual blindly shouts at Preesha for trying to ruin his happiness by getting his brother and mother away from her and after a long shouting warns her not to force him to choose between her and his brother and mother; they suffered a lot because of Mahima last time and he doesn’t want something happening again; if she has problem with them, he will ask them to stay away from her. He finally asks her to go and stay in her parent’s house for some time with Saransh. Preesha feels sorry that Rudra is hurt because of her, thinks she can’t see him blindly trusting wrong people, and thinks she needs to act good and tackle wrong people in their own way. She returns to Rudra who asks what did she decide. She says he is right, but this is her house and she can’t leave without him, she will apologize maa and Kabir for her mistake but never wants to go away from him, hugging him. He says he knows her concern for family, she should accept his mother and brother as they are good, etc. She hugs him again and thinks she will act good with Kabir and Sulochana and expose their true faces to Rudra.

Sulochana tells Kabir that she cannot live without alcohol and didn’t drink even a drop since yesterday, Ahana took away her bottle and must be enjoying in her room, so she will go and bring her bottle back. He asks her to wait for a few days, then whole bar will be hers. She says she will die by then, so she will get bottle herself. He stops her and goes to get alcohol from Ahana.

Rudra enters his room and is surprised to see it decorated with balloons and candles. He asks Preesha what is all this. she apologizes for hurting him and says she will try not to repeat her mistake again. He says he loves her as she doesn’t make any mistake and if she does, she tris to correct it. He asks her to smile and wiggles her bones. She laughs and gives him rose. He says he will bring champagne to celebrate. She says she will bring it as today’s treat is from her side. She walks to home bar and gets champagne bottle out when she gets nurse’s call and goes aside. Kabir enters and gets happy seeing alcohol bottle cabinet open, walks on feet and picks a bottle and then goes in to get chilled water when Preesha sees him and asks what is he doing at this time. He says he came to get water. She goes to close cabinet and sees whiskey bottle missing. Kabir thanks god that he hid the bottle. Preesha thinks Kabir had come, but he cannot reach height from wheelchair. She then sees footprints and thinks if these were Kabir’s footprints as only he has come now. Kabir asks if she didn’t go yet and leaves. Preesha thinks Kabir can walk then, she should inform Rudra, but then thinks he will not believe without proof and hence clicks footprints’s pics.

Next morning, during breakfast, Sulochana says they should get Kabir and Ahana in 2-3 days. Mishka asks why so hurry. Ahana says when everything is decide, why delay.
Rudra says Kabir is in a hurry. Sharda asks how will they make arrangements in such a short span. He says he will make arrangements and calls Panditji for muhurat. Preesha thinks she cannot let this marriage happen and walks aside in lieu of attending Saransh and thinks of checking Kabir’s shoes to check yesterday’s footprints.