Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th March 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Vasu with GPS, Yuvraj, Preesha, and Rudra goes to meet Mahima in police station. Mahima tries to gain her sympathy and says good she came to see what have done to her. Vasus gives her a tight slap and says she is not her amma as she has only one daughter Preesha; she shouts what kind of a sister and mother she is to try to kill her own sister and son, she cannot be her daughter; she used to pray god for Mahima, but now she curses herself. She asks inspector to punish Mahima rigorously and make sure she doesn’t get out of jail. Yuvraj says she shouldn’t worry as he will file strong case against Mahima. Vasu slaps him and says who helps a sinner is a big sinner; she and GPS helped him so much, but he betrayed them; he should pack his bag and get out of her house. He walks way fuming. GPS takes Vasu from there. Mahima thinks Preesha may have defeated her today, she will return for sure to take revenge from her.

After returning home, Rudra tells Preesha that her amma is a superamma who kicked out 2 problems from their lives. Preesha says she superamma of a super daughter. Rudra says let us end this danger chapter and start a new life together with their son Saransh. At night, Preesha applies medicine to Rudra’s wounds and asks if its paining. He says its burning and kisses her repeatedly. She asks to sit silently. He agrees. She asks if he agreed so easily. He gets romantic. She pushes him and says let her apply medicine. He says they are sitting relaxed after a long time. She says good she saw his birthmark on back or else she is still unable to forget Bhuvan and Mahima’s romantic scene. He asks what if it was him instead of Bhuvan. She asks not to talk rubbish and walks aside. He holds her and asks if she would have got jealous. She says she would have felt same like would have felt if he had seen her sharing bed with Yuvraj. He gets angry. She says even she would have felt angry. He holds her and warns not to say that as she is only his and nobody can separate them. She says even he should remember that he is only hers. Their romantic continues. A romantic song plays in the background. Saransh enters disturbing them and they get alert and part ways. He says good she is here, now he will not stay away from her. Rudra says not even him and they all 3 jump on bed.

Next day, judge pronounces Mahima guilty on the charges of cheating, kidnapping, and murder and announces 20 years jail term. He says its proved that Bhuvan helped Mahima and killed Balraj Khurana, but since he became approver and helped police, his jail term is lessened to 5 years. Mahima warns Preesha that she will not spare her and will return to take revenge from her. Bhuvan thanks Preesha and Rudra for lessening his jail term. They thank him for helping them punish Mahima. Bhuvan pleads to find his sister Sonia and gives her photo. They promise to search Sonia and seek inspector Singh’s help. They next meet inspector Rajesh and enquire about his Omega Hotel ride where he caught Sonia. Rajesh says he left Sonia as he had come for a modeling assignment. Preesha says inspector Singh informed he has Sonia’s address. Rajesh says he has and asks constable to bring raid’s record. He says Sonia’s friend Savita stays at the address and they should meet her. Rudra takes address’ pic and heads towards it. Someone follows them. They reach Savita’s house and asks if they can come in. Savita asks who are they. Rudra shows his face. Preesha says they need to talk about Sonia. She lets them in. Rudra notices someone following them. Savita asks what they want to know about Sonia. Rudra asks to tell them about Sonia first. Savita says Sonia is her good friend and Rudra’s biggest fan, in fact Rudra had called her to Omega Hotel for audition, reminiscing Sonia informing her about it. Rudra says he doesn’t even know Sonia and if he calls anyone for audition, he calls them to his studio. Savita says even she felt same and by the time Sonia found out about it, it was too late. She reminisces Sonia returning home crying and saying hotel where Rudra called her is not good and police raided it. She asks what did she say. Sonia says police left her when she told she came for an interview after taking her address. She asks Sonia to inform her brother. Sonia says her brother will be upset, so she will not. Out of flashback, Savita says Sonia searched for jobs and got one at Jena’s modeling agency; she was very happy for a few days as she was getting good assignments and one day she got ready in a bold dress for a whole night shoot for a big fashion brand and never returned after that. Preesha asks if she didn’t return even to take her bag. Savita says no. Rudra asks if she has address of modeling agency. Savita gives Jena’s modeling agency card to Preesha. Preesha says they will enquire at modeling agency. They reach modeling agency and finding it closed question security guard who says its closed since a month. Rudra asks phone number, guard says he doesn’t know anything. They both thinks where will they find Sonia now and get into car. Stalker follows them again.