Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Sharda goes to get 2 crores from locker and finds only one bundle left. She thinks she herself kept more than 2 crores in locker, where did money go; sh ewalks to Preesha and gives her one bundle. Preesha asks where is the rest of money. Sharda says she had kept more than 2 crores in locker and they are missing, Sulochana should answer where the money went. Sulochana thinks she took money for gambling and alcohol. Preesha asks her where is are 2 crores. Sulochana agrees that she took 2 crores. Ahana asks what did she do with such a huge amount. Sulochana cries that her friend was in trouble and she gaves it to her. She continues her emotional drmaa and crocodile tears. Sharda asks how can she give 2 crores to anyone uninformed,. Sulochana says she was about to inform them, but then forgot due to Chennai trip; she didn’t know that her son Rudra would be in trouble. Preesha says problems don’t come informed and they keep money for such unforeseen incidents, how will they manage such a big amount. Sulochana cries that her son wouldn’t have doubted and let them scold her like this, she lent money to her friend. Preesha says she should have informed someone at least. Ahana takes Sulochana’s side and says Preesha is misbehaving with mummy. Preesha says how will she manage 2 crores to save Rudra now, she won’t be able to forgive herself if something happens to him. Sulochana continues her drama and walks away. Ahana blames Preesha again and walks behind them.

Back to room, Kabir praises Sulochana for her acting. Ahana walks in and warns them to tell what did they do with money as she knows they are creeps and wouldn’t give a penny to others. Kabir says they cleared their debts. Ahana asks 2 crores? He says 20 year old debt. Ahana insists. Sulochana says they spent it for their lavish life. Ahana fumes. Kabir’s phone rings. Ahana asks him to pick it. He says its spam call. She picks it and switches on speaker. CC speaks and asks Kabir what should he do with Rudra and when will he get 10 crores. Kabir says they are short of some money and will call him back when 10 crores are arranged. CC disconnects call. Ahana holds Kabir’s collar and shouts how dare they are. Sulochana shouts her to shut up and says even she is supporting them for money. Kabir informs how Chennai doctor caught his lie and wanted to expose his truth to Rudra, so had to kidnap Kabir via CC as he will be caught if something happens and 10 crores ransom is an excuse. Ahana walks away fuming. Sharda with Preesha calls family jewelers and sells jewelry to arrange 2 crores. Kabir notices that and informs CC to message Preesha to bring money to the his said address. Sharda brings money from jewelr. Preesha gets CC’s message to bring money to the said address and she informs Sharda. Sulochana hearing that says they all will accompany her. Preesha says kidnapper called only her and she will alert them if something happens.

Jerry burns jail wall and throws handmade bombs inside jail. Fire breaks out in jail, and Mahima and Maria escape from jail easily. They meet Jerry, and Mahima tells Jerry that her plan will work. She remembers asking Jerry to get her and Maria out of jail and kidnap Rudra from CC. He says its dangerous and Maria’s life would be at risk and he cannot betray CC. She assures nothing will happen to Maria and if he is happy with only 50 lakhs, they should be loyal to CC. He agrees to kidnap Rudra and asks if they get 10 crores, why is she helping them. She smirks.