Yeh Hai Chahatein 8th January 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Preesha assures Roohi that if god wills, she will get a hubby and Roohi a daddy. Rudra looking at Preesha’s bangle thinks he is sure that Preesha is alive and he will find her. Preesha tells Roohi that Raj is not her choice and with god’s blessings, she will get a hubby. Roohi asks what if she doesn’t. Preesha says it would be god’s wish, but she trusts god. Rudra thinks he trusts god who will reunite her with Preesha. Serial’s title track plays in the background. After sometime, Rudra meets Bunty and asks if he made contest arrangements to search Preesha. Bunty says he did and incurred a lot of expenses. Rudra says he is ready to spend his fortune to find Preesha and asks him to check each woman’s hand and find out a woman who is wearing similar bangle who will take him to Preesha.

Yuvraj waits for Roohi. Roohi says mamma asks her not to meet him as he cannot be her father. He says he is chosen to be her father. She says god will choose her father, so he should stop meeting her. She questions why he was following her last night. He asks he saw her with a sardarji, if he is her secret friend. She says its a secret and says he is a bad uncle, so he shouldn’t meet her again. He thinks even choti chipkali is slipping off from his hands. He hears announcement about contest where a woman wearing beautiful bangles with beautiful hands can win 1 lakh rupees. Beena maasi hears same announcement and informs Priya/Preesha that she needs to show her hands as they are very beautiful, she is sure Priya will win this contest. Preesha thinks she will participate in this contest and will throw Yuvraj’s 1 lakh rs on his face.

Mukhiya catches Roohi and questions her about Rudra. She says he retuned to Delhi. He says he had called Rudra’s house and found out that he is still in Rothak. He threatens to inform where Rudra is and orders his goons to break open her house. She looks at storeroom and says he is not at home. Mukhiya checks storeroom and doesn’t find Rudra there. Goon notices Beena’s son coming and informs Mukhiya. Roohi laughs on Mukhiya. Mukhiya leaves fuming. Bunty starts contest and checks women’s hands. Rudra enters disguised as sardarji. Bunty asks why did he come here, what if someone identifies him. Rudra says he couldn’t control himself and wants to see Preesha, nobody will identify him as he will watch from behind the curtain. Preesha checks contest pamphlet and thinks she only needs to show her hands, so she need not worry; she can win the contest and return Yuvraj’s money.

At Khurana house, Saransh rudely asks Vyjayanti to sign a form as he is going to a camp in Shimla. She asks he would have informed earlier. He says nobody informs in this house where they go and when will they come. Sharda says if he is talking about Rudra, they know he is in Rothak. He says Rudra or Bunty must have told and they blindly believed them; he is more responsible than Rudra who is informing where he is going. Sharda feels bad for his rude behavior and prays god.

Roohi visits temple and prays god to send back Rudra. Saachi’s mother participates in contest. Bunty says her hands are pretty, but she is not the one they are searching for. While returning home, Saachi notices Roohi sad and asks reason. Roohi says lal tamatar is missing, Mukhiya’s men have kidnapped him. Saachi says Rudra’s friend has organized a contest and he must be knowing Rudra’s location.

Precap: Preesha enters contest room. Rudra and Bunty look shocked.