Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th August 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Ahana and Mishka coming to trouble Saransh. Sharda goes to get water. Saransh closes his ears. Ahana says think of the bad smell inside the servants quarters, Prisha is going to stay there for 14 days, she is Saransh’s mum, she is strong, right Saransh, are you angry on Prisha, Rudra…. Mishka says don’t tell me, you are angry on us. She jokes. She shows Rudra coming. They see Rudra coming. Saransh asks Prisha to open the door, there is a big surprise for her. Prisha opens the door. She sees Rudra wearing the PPE kit. She asks what’s this. He says I also got this Ppe kit, I have come to take you inside the house. She asks how. He lifts her and says this way. He takes her. Saransh claps happily. Ahana and Mishka get angry. Prisha says put me down. Rudra takes her upstairs to their room. He asks her to say if this is safe for her. He shows the room, with sanitized partitions made. He says I made all the preparations for your quarantine, we can be together, risk free. She smiles and gets emotional. Mahiya….plays…. Sharda comes to Balraj.

She says at least for Saransh’s sake, let Prisha come home, I will keep her separately, I m just telling it for Saransh. Balraj says I m doing it for kids, kids should learn to fight problems. She gets scared. He shouts and says Prisha won’t come inside the house. Ahana comes and says she has come inside. He asks who got her. She says Rudra lifted her and got her. He asks how dare he. She says he is becoming daring day by day, he is in
Saransh’s room. They go. Rudra says Saransh would be happy to see this, he can see you and talk to you any time. Prisha thinks Rudraksh did so much for Saransh’s sake. Saransh comes and asks what’s this, wow, its an awesome idea, thanks. Rudra says you did your mum’s work, she isn’t saying how did she like this set up. Saransh says she would have never thought of this, you are a real rockstar, you lifted her and got her here, you saved her, you are a superhero. Rudra asks Prisha to say can she stay here. Saransh says you are doctor’s husband. Prisha says just you can do this, its good, I can stay here. Rudra says all is well, Saransh end the hunger strike now, we should have food. Saransh asks for food. Rudra goes to get food. Balraj asks what are you wearing. Rudra says Ppe kit, I had to get Prisha inside, infection risk is nil with this kit. Balraj says I know that, why did you get Prisha inside. Rudra asks him to just come for two mins. He shows the room partitioned and sanitized. Rudra says I have taken all the precautions, so Prisha is here, now there is no risk, infection tension is over, right. Balraj looks around and says I guess, almost, but you went against my decision, you will be punished for this, remember. He goes. Ahana and Mishka leave. Sharda smiles and hugs Saransh. She says Prisha will always be in front of you. Saransh says I m happy.

Sharda says Rudra is really nice, always stay the same. Ahana says I did so much planning, it all failed. She hits her hand. Mishka asks are you mad. Ahana says no, I will not lose. Saransh says I m not feeling sleepy. Rudra says tell me what to do. Saransh says we will play some game, Prisha asks what game. Rudra says we will play antakshari. Prisha refuses. They insist. Saransh gets the guitar. Rudra sings Dekha hai tujhko jabse…. He asks Prisha to sing now. Prisha sings Break up karliya…. Rudra and Saransh laugh hearing her. Rudra says you didn’t had to cry, but sing, you have sung it so bad. She says it was just a trial. He laughs and says now you will sing well. He asks her to sing well now and show talent. She sings Haye haye re haye… They laugh.

Rudra says you sing so bad. Prisha says I m not a professional like you. Rudra says you can’t sing like an unprofessional also. Saransh says sorry. Prisha plays a song. She does lip sync. Khud ko kya samajhta hai….plays… Rudra gets surprised and looks at her. Her phone rings. The song stops. Rudra says you are cheating. Saransh says mumma is a cheater. Rudra says mumma is a cheater. Saransh says why are you saying mumma. Rudra says yes, your mumma is a cheater. Prisha laughs. Yeh hai chahatein…plays…. She asks them to sing. Saransh sings.

Rudra sees Saransh wetting the bed. He says Prisha didn’t tell me anything. Mishka says you have made a plan to get Prisha out of society. The neighbors ask Balraj to send Prisha to quarantine centre or admit her in hospital. Rudra says this won’t happen, she is my wife, she will stay here.

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