Yeh Hai Chahatein YHC 1st July 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Rudra’s private investigator/PI is stunned to see Preesha and realizes that Rudra was right that Armaan is lying. He notices Preesha and Pihu wearing same clothes and clicks their pics and send them to Rudra. Armaan informs Digvijay that Rudra saw him. Digvijay says he should leave from there with Preesha before Rudra sees Preesha. Armaan says Preesha has gone to have dinner with Pihu on her insistence. Digvijay asks him again to take Preesha and leave soon. Armaan walks towards Preesha and Pihu and notices PI clicking their pics.

Roohi breaks down seeing Preesha not identifying them. Saransh comforts her and says mamma gave immense love him even after not being born from her womb and she went to great extent to protect Roohi, so he is sure there must be some reason that Preesha didn’t identify them. Vanshika notices them and asks what are they doing here. Saransh lies that he came to attend his friend’s birthday and asks what is she doing here. Vanshika says she came with Rudra for an engagement party and says she will ask driver to drop them home. Saransh says they will go in their friend’s car. Vanshika thinks Rudra and his children are weird and goes in search of Rudra. Party host Mr Oberoi thanks Rudra for attending the party and says he will send him business contract tomorrow as he got busy in his daugher’s engagement. Rudra agrees. Oberoi’s daughter insists Rudra for a song and requests Vanshika to convince him. Rudra agrees.

Arman injures PI and asks why was he clicking Preesha’s pic. He checks PI’s pockets and learns that he is a PI, thinks who sent him. Preesha and Pihu enjoy the sumptuous feast. Preesha goes to washroom. Pihu notices Raj sitting at a table nearby lost in himself and walks to him. He says he is listening to the audiobook and studying and doesn’t like to be disturbed. She feels irritated and thinks he is mad, but then her perception changes when he helps an old lady.

Preesha goes to the washroom when she hears Rudra singing and walks towards the voice feeling connected to it. Armaan hears Rudra’s voice and thinks he needs to stop Preesha before she sees Rudra. Pihu also rushes to washroom to stop Preesha, but doesn’t find him there. Preesha is shocked to see Rudra, gets a panic attack recalling the past events, and collapses. Guests surround her. Rudra stops singing and walks towards her, but Armaan picks her before that, covers his face with a mask and Preesha’s face with her veil and carries her away. Prfeesha’s veil flies and falls on Rudra’s face. Paas Aaye Duriyaan Phir Wahin.. song plays in the background. Pihu reaches there and seeing Armaan carrying Preesha takes Preesha’s veil and runs behind Armaan.

Rudra senses Preesha’s presence and thinks how is Pihu connected to Preesha. Armaan leaves in car before Digvijay, Kanchan, and Pihu could reach him. Rudra calls PI and finds him not reachable. Vanshika walks to him and says she will wait for him outside.

Precap: Preesha visits a boutique. Vashika takes Rudra to the same boutique. Saransh and Roohi wait outside boutique to meet Preesha.

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