Yeh Jadu Hai Jin Ka 21st September 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Roshni suggesting to close to door to stop Jinn from coming out. Rubina says Jinn is out already. Aman says they must find the Jinn first. They follow some footsteps/sign and reach to the poolside. They don’t see anyone in the pool. Shayari says these Jinns are very smart. They all get separate to find the Jinn. Aman just stands there as he feels the Jinn could be in water. Family members come back asking he thinks the Jinn is in water. He says maybe and uses his magic wand. A girl comes out of swimming pool. Family gets shocked. Aman says she’s breathing. Rubina says it’s a Jinn. Aman asks Rehan to take her inside. Rubina says they should not take her lightly. Aman creates a cage around the bed. Shayari says they should figure out her powers while she’s unconscious. Aman says before that, they must do something about the fridge from which this girl/jinn came out. He manages to close the fridge door with his powers.

Rehan and Shayari have nok-jhok while they close the fridge tightly with chain. Rubina says this won’t close the hell door. It’ll just prevent Jinns from entering through this door for some time. Aman says he doesn’t understand why Jinn came to his house. Rubina says they must close the hell door else it will bring a storm in their lives. Shayari says she knows a good Jinn and she will try to find out info.

Roshni is playing with Arman. Aman comes there and joins her. Roshni says she’s trying to figure what powers Arman has. Aman says he’s his child, he has all his powers. She says he’s her child too and he must have her powers. They challenge each other. Aman brings 2 different objects and says whoever’s object Arman picks up, Arman has that person’s powers. Arman picks up Roshni’s object, but Aman says what’s the proof that Arman did and not her.

The girl wakes up and says she’s first fish that got trapped in a cage, not net. The cage is much better than hell’s. She hears footsteps and says she wants water. Salma goes to her and tells her to first say who is she and from where she came. Salma gives her water. She pours water on her saying they don’t know this Jinn can make an ocean out of a glass of water. She turns into a fish and disappears. Salma screams and everyone comes there. She tells them how girl converted into a fish and disappeared. Family tries to find her. She’s relaxing in the pool. Aman asks her who she is and what she wants. She doesn’t answer.
Family members gather and try to find out how to make her speak. Rubina says she didn’t attack yet, but that doesn’t mean she is not dangerous. Rehan’s assistant comes and tries to find Rehan. He comes near the pool. The girl / Jinn hypnotize him and eats him.

Precap: Rehan seems to have hypnotized by the Fish Jinn. He is sitting in the pool with the Fish Jinn. Aman and others are shocked seeing that.