Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 18th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Kajal making Diya beg to her. Diya recalls Brij. She gets on her knees and pleads. Bhavna records a video. Diya apologizes to Kajal. Kajal says I will take your complaint back but I have another condition, your husband should also apologize to me, send him to my house tonight to say sorry. She laughs. Bhavna gets angry. Diya says I misunderstood you when I made you my friend, you are a disgusting woman, Armaan will not apologize to you. She leaves. Bhavna asks did you go mad, you want my brother to apologize, I did a lot for you. Kajal says shut up, I know you well, you aren’t loyal to anyone, you started this game, but I will end this. Bhavna leaves. Diya comes home. Madhu asks did you come, you look tired, shall I get water for you. Diya says no. Madhu asks is your dad fine now. Diya says yes, he is better. Madhu says illness will gradually go, is your mum fine, is Palki fine, and Jhanvi, she is pregnant, I just asked, shall I get tea for you. Diya says no, I want to go to my room. Madhu says I can’t stop you, you can slap me or make me out of my Maayka. Diya says please Bua ji. Bhavna comes. Madhu asks where did you go. Bhavna says I have gone out with Diya for some work. Madhu asks how did you go with her. Diya runs to her room. Bhavna worries thinking Diya can tell Armaan that it was my idea. Madhu asks are you both planning against me. Bhavna says no, give me 10 mins, wait, I will just come. Madhu says what’s going on, I have to find out.

Armaan takes some print outs. He says I was getting a list of start ups. Diya hugs him and cries. He asks what happened, why are you crying, sit here. Diya says I try to do something good and it always goes wrong. He asks where did you go, tell me. Bhavna comes and says I will tell you, Kajal has shown her real colours today, I understood it now, why you divorced her. He asks how did Kajal come in between. He asks Diya did you go to meet Kajal, why. Bhavna says I also went to meet, I was helpless, but I didn’t know she will do such a disgusting thing, she insulted us in front of everyone. She tells everything. Armaan gets angered. Bhavna says Diya begged to her, Kajal said she wants you to apologize to her by visiting her house, she has gone mad. He says how dare she, what was the need to do there, Diya. Bhavna says don’t tell her anything, I took her there, Diya needs a job to help her parents, I know this, her parents are esteemed like Sudha, they won’t take help, Sudha didn’t take anyone’s help in our tough times, I requested Kajal to come there. He says you should have asked me, I know she is selfish and egoistic.

She says sorry, I wanted to help Diya, I didn’t know she will misuse Diya’s problem this way. Diya says its not Bhavna’s mistake, she tried to do good. Bhavna says he always thinks I will think against you. Armaan says no. Bhavna goes. Diya says sorry Armaan, I should have told you. Armaan says its time to meet Kajal. She asks what do you mean. He calls Kajal. Kajal sees Armaan’s pic and says I wish you could give me another chance to rectify my mistakes, please come back in my life. She answers his call. She smiles and says I thought you had blocked me. He says no, you wanted to meet me, right, we have to talk, I will come to your house to meet you. She asks really. He says see you soon. Diya asks why are you going there. He says you trust me right. She says more than myself. He says let me handle this. Bhavna tells everyone to Madhu and shows Diya’s video. Madhu says I can’t believe this, where did Diya’s esteem go. Armaan leaves in anger. Madhu asks where is he going. Bhavna says picture is still left, just see. Kajal gets decked up. She arranged a romantic surprise for Armaan. She keeps the champagne and the glasses. She says once Armaan gets ready to come back in my life, I will win his heart, this time no cheating, everything with loyalty. Armaan comes there. She opens the door. He sees her house decorated. She says I knew it, you will come, you used to say I m your first love. Diya is behind him. Kajal shows the memory box. She says this is your fav perfume. Armaan says I came here to bring you to senses, to open your eyes.

Brij drops the soup bowl. He falls. Palki gets shocked. She calls Diya and says dad is unwell, reach the doctor soon. Diya worries and shouts Papa…

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