Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 20th May 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Bhavna and Madhu having a talk about Amraan and Diya. Madhu says maybe they have gone out to have icecream. Bhavna says Diya should have asked you when Sudha isn’t here. Madhu says I m the eldest in the house. Bhavna says Diya can do anything big and not ask you. Madhu says let her come, I will show her that a Saas is a Saas. Armaan and Diya are on the way. Diya recalls… Armaan talking to Brij and Anju, and making them laugh. Diya asks how are you managing the medical expenses. Palki says dad’s salary will come. Diya says it will go in house expenses. Palki says I will have some brand videos and get sponsorship. Diya gives her money and asks her to keep it. Palki says no. Diya says I m still this house’s daughter, its for dad. Palki asks will dad get fine. Diya says yes, we will make him fine. she hugs Palki. FB ends. Armaan says Brij will get fine, don’t worry. Diya says yes, I m worried for the expenses, I will apply for the jobs.

She says I will surely manage family and job, I promise. He says no, its wrong, why will you do alone, am I not there, we will manage both the families together. They smile. She thanks him. They come home. Madhu says you came back soon. Bhavna comes. Madhu says I have made food for you. Bhavna says great, Bua is in form. Madhu taunts Diya. Diya says sorry, we had to rush and couldn’t tell you. Armaan says Diya’s dad is unwell, he is admitted in the hospital, would we rush to see him or ask your permission. Madhu asks why did you not tell me before. She gives a card of a homeopathic doctor. She asks Diya to take Brij there. Diya says he is better now. Madhu takes the card back. She says go and sleep, let me sleep, if you want to have food, then have it. She goes.

Brij recalls the principal firing him from the job. Brij begs him for the job and tells his responsibilities and loans. Principal says emotions don’t matter here, the kids’ performances and results matter, we have hired a teacher at a lower salary than you, you may collect your pay and leave. Brij gets dizzy. FB ends. Brij thinks I can’t them anything now, how will everything get managed without a job. He sees Palki. Later, at home, Palki talks to Diya. Brij gets ready to leave. Anju asks him to take care. Brij talks to Diya on video call. Diya thinks why didn’t I get any reply from the companies. Brij acts happy and leaves. He thinks where shall I go, I have to go and do some work, else how will I pay back the loan.

Madhu, Armaan and Bhavna dine together. Madhu says Diya is learning to handle the house well, ask her to forget the job. He says yes, I have seen Sudha and you managing the house well. Madhu says yes, a woman should handle her family. He says I had seen another thing, after dad left, mum struggled for money, I believe every woman should do some work, so that she doesn’t face any problem. Diya comes and says finally I got an interview call. Armaan says congratulations. Diya says I have to go in 2 hours. Madhu says you won’t stay home now. He says I will sort your documents. Diya takes Madhu’s blessings. Madhu says fine, stay happy. Bhavna thinks Diya knows to please people. Krish says congrats, tell me when and where to come for the party. Diya says patience, let me get the job first. He says you have always topped the exams. She asks how do you know. He says sorry, I just saw your certificates.

Armaan says learn something from allrounder Diya. Diya says I will get tea for Bua ji. She goes. Krish asks Bhavna to learn something from topper Diya. He says you left your graduation. Bhavna gets angry. Diya sees Anju and Brij’s pic. She says I need your wishes today. She gets ready. Armaan comes and hugs her. He compliments her smile. She says I get a smile when you are around, your love and encouragement, I get such courage because of you. He asks her to come. She says I have to take the certificates. She checks and says my certificates were in this folder. She worries.

Diya and Armaan look for the certificates. Diya sees her torn washed off certificates. Bhavna says whenever you step back, I will pull you back.

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