Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 24th June 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Sudha thanking Saloni. Saloni says I can do this for you. Sudha says yes, I will ask something with rights. Saloni asks what do you want. Sudha says I have seen you and Armaan together since childhood, I had a wish to make you my bahu, I wanted you and Armaan to spend life together. Armaan says I want to be with you forever, taking you in arms and seeing your smile. Diya smiles. Saloni says its impossible, Armaan is married to Diya. Sudha says I know, I know you have feelings of love for Armaan, I just have one wish, think of it well. Saloni says I can’t try to understand. Sudha says I want you to become my bahu and give me a grandchild. Armaan says no one can come between us, except our baby. Saloni recalls Sudha’s words. Her alter self asks her to go and say yes to Sudha, but he is married, he loves Diya and won’t leave her. Saloni gets confused.

Diya does the work. Armaan asks her to sit, she should take rest. Krish comes. Madhu says make paratha for yourself, you learnt kneading the flour. Sudha prays for the family happiness. She calls everyone to come for aarti. Saloni tries to light the diya. Diya lights the diya. They do the aarti. Palki checks her clothes. She talks to Anju’s pic. Brij says your dad is here, wear these clothes, you will look good. He says I m nervous. Brij says no need to change yourself for anyone. Krish sees Palki and his pic. Bhavna asks him to come, Sudha is calling. He goes. Bhavna goes and sees the pic. She gets angry. Diya says I thought Sudha will forgive me but… Armaan says she will stay the same until she gets a grandchild. Diya says Lord can show us the way. Armaan says Kanha has Yashoda as his Maa, we can adopt a child. Diya says I told this to Sudha, but she didn’t listen. He says I remember, no one knows her more than me, she is emotional, she will melt her heart, we will adopt a child.

Bhavna comes to Madhu and says I got a proof. Madhu says I will give the proof to Sudha today. Bhavna says yes. Sudha thinks to send Saloni and Armaan to Jammu. She asks Nisha to invite Armaan. She thinks to stop Diya. She thinks they should spend time together. Sudha goes to check the door. She gets the pic in the envelope. Madhu says it’s the best gift for her. Sudha gets a call from Kamini. Madhu says the truth will come out today. Armaan comes to Sudha. She says I will change if you have changed. He asks her not to stay upset. He asks what gift di you want, its your birthday today. Ramkali takes the envelope along with the tea tray. Bhavna and Madhu go after Ramkali. Sudha says please don’t trouble me, you and Diya didn’t listen to me. Armaan says we also want the baby to come home, we have discussed this, we have many ways for this. Sudha thinks if Armaan wants the same, then maybe he will agree, I will take a promise from him that he goes to Jammu with Saloni. He asks what birthday gift do you want. She asks for a promise. He asks what promise. She says I will tell you when time comes. Bhavna says I have sent the pic again, mum will see it now. Sudha is shocked to see Krish and Palki’s pics. She gets shocked. Madhu and Bhavna come and ask what happened. They pretend. Sudha says Krish lied to me. Bhavna says Palki would have made him do this. Madhu asks what will happen when both Mathur girls come here, you will lose the house. Bhavna says they will rule here. Madhu says your entry will be stopped here, Sudha may stay here or not, Sudha doesn’t know. Sudha says I have to do something.

Armaan says you want Krish and I to go with Saloni, we will go. Diya says Palki and I will go. Armaan asks Sudha to stop Diya.

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