Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th July 2023 Written Episode Written Update Of Indian Tv Serial

Abhi running to Abhir. Ruhi says its cheating, I don’t want to do this task. Akshu sees Aarohi. Kairav buys sweets. A car comes in front and hits his car. Kairav and the guy get into an argument. Kairav says you should say sorry, but you are misbehaving. The guy says I won’t say sorry, will you call your dad, give me money. Kairav says I won’t give the money, will you call your dad. The guy leaves. Abhir says we should plant a tree, don’t you like Mango. Abhi says I like it, lets go. They plant the mango plant together. Aarohi looks on. Abhi says finally done. Abhir asks him to take care of the plant. He asks will you handle this responsibility. Abhi says yes. Abhir asks promise. Abhi recalls Akshu. He makes Abhir wash his hands. He says I had promised someone, but I couldn’t keep it, I have no confidence to keep the promise, I will try. Abhir says okay, promise you will try. Abhi says we both will try our best to take care of this plant, we promise. Aarohi worries. Ruhi comes and asks where is poppy, I got hurt. Abhir says it’s a scratch. Abhir screams. Abhi runs to him.

He asks Aarohi to get first aid kit. She says it’s a small wound. Abhi says it’s a wound by metal, its about his life, he is a heart patient, we have to give him a tetanus shot. Abhinav says its okay. Abhir says I m not hurt. Akshu says I got band aid for Ruhi, I have an extra. Abhi cares for Abhir. Akshu does Ruhi’s aid. Aarohi asks Ruhi to go and complete the task. Ruhi says no, I want to be with you both. Abhi says its fine, come. Aarohi stops him and explains Ruhi.

She says Ruhi’s victory is your responsibility now. Akshu nods. Aarohi says we will complete Abhir’s task, else he will lose, you don’t want this, right. Ruhi looks at Abhi and Abhir. Abhinav and Akshu try to cheer her. Ruhi says poppy is my best friend, I m missing old poppy. Mahima asks are you instigating Shefali for divorce. Manjiri says I will support her decision. They argue. Mahima says I won’t let Shefali file for divorce and Shivansh’s complete custody. Manjiri says you are fighting for your son and Shefali is fighting for her son, you are wrong and she is right. Mahima says if this was Abhi’s case, would you let Abhi get away from his son.

The man says well done to all the teams. Abhir says I will win. The man says Abhir Sharma is the winner. Abhi says my junior has won. Ruhi gets sad. Abhi hugs Abhir. The man says the other team kid has won but Abhi is happy like his own son has won, this is called sportsmanship, we request the winner Abhir to come here and collect the trophy. Abhi gets Abhir on his shoulders. Abhir gets the trophy. Ruhi pulls Abhir’s leg. Abhi and Abhir ask Ruhi to leave. The trophy falls and breaks. Abhir says my trophy broke. Ruhi pushes Abhir. Abhi and Akshu hold him. Ruhi says take me in arms. Abhi takes her and asks why did you do this. Ruhi argues. Akshu says she is saying right, no one should get her place. Ruhi gets angry and complains about Abhi. Aarohi hugs her and says sorry, I will talk to Abhi. She thinks sorry to use Ruhi to use this relation. She asks Ruhi to go and talk to poppy. Abhi says I will make up to my Ruhi. Akshu says kids are sensitive, Abhi should understand Ruhi, I should talk to him. Abhinav says he will think you are making him against Abhir. She says Abhir and Ruhi don’t deserve this, I have tolerated this pain of insecurity all my life. He says fine, talk to him, but be careful. She nods.

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