Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Sirat teaching Kairav to keep looking into opponent’s eyes to know the next move. Kairav goes for the match. He punches the boy. Sirat and Kartik cheer for him. Ranvir goes to attend a call. Kartik asks what happened to you, you didn’t answer my calls or reply Kairav’s message. She says I didn’t see the message, we had gone out for lunch. Kartik says Kairav and I were calling you before lunch time, why are you lying, you are just punishing my son this way, don’t ignore my words. She says no, I m saying the truth, I didn’t see. Kairav wins the match. Kartik lifts Kairav and gets happy. Ranvir takes selfie with Kairav. He goes. Kartik asks are you going leaving Ranvir. She asks why would I leave such a good person.

He asks what. She says I won’t leave him and go. He says Kairav was waiting for you. She says sorry. He says you said we will be friends after your marriage, its not such now, there is some problem, you are hiding it from all of us, please tell me what is it, I could help you. Ranvir clicks Kairav and Sirat’s pic. Sirat says we shall go home. Kartik says come on time in the evening. She asks what is it. He asks didn’t you tell her, Ranvir. Ranvir says I forgot. Kartik says its our team’s official announcement in front of media, we will announce that you are our face Sirat Ranvir Chauhan. Ranvir says I forgot to say. Kartik says Sirat has to come. Ranvir says yes, we have no plan in the evening, we will come. She says yes, and goes.

Manish hugs Kairav and says you won. Suwarna says I knew Sirat would come. Kairav says yes, that’s why I could come and win the match. Nani sees the video of Kartik, Sirat and Kairav. She cries. Sirat says I have to convince the heart some day, I should stay away from Kartik, but how. She hurts her foot. Kairav shows the video to everyone. Kartik sees Nani worried. He asks what happened. She says I m fine, I miss Sirat. He says she will come in the evening, I have to talk to you about her. She asks did she tell you anything. He asks why, is there anything Sirat and you are hiding from me. She says no, did she say anything. He says she isn’t telling anything, she is upset with me, did Chauhan tell her anything. She says I will talk to her. She thinks what is going on in Sirat’s mind. Sirat thinks of Kartik. She hurts herself by stamping her foot. She says I won’t meet Kartik. She sits crying. Manish and Kartik meet the officials. Nani says I have to talk to Sirat today. Ranvir says your sprain got worse, we should have not gone for lunch. She says maybe its because we went to the school. Nidhi says doctor would be coming. Saroj say I will get hot water bottle, you would have to go. Sirat says no, it will be fine.