Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th October 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Dadi saying Akshara name is good, but name should be old, you maybe thinking of it by missing your mum. Naira says I always felt my mum around since the baby came. Kirti says old is gold, I approve the name. Kartik sings. Everyone dances. They write the name Akshara. Photographer asks if he has to click couple pics. Naksh sees Kirti. Naira says Akshara, I couldn’t have kept this name if I didn’t got A alphabet, I think this name was also decided, I love you.

Naksh asks can we please avoud these couple pics. Kirti says everyone will ask, you can tell them. He says no, their mood will spoil. Gayu asks Samarth to come, Vansh wasn’t there at that time. Samarth says we will see. Dadi says Manish, tell Kartik not to get that girl. Manish says he is my son, he will do what he wants. Naira says Kartik, tell him about our pic. Kartik says we will have individual family pictures also. He takes Krishna. Kairav gets upset. He says we are just four, mum, dad, me and baby, if Krishna comes, I won’t come in the pic. Kartik and Naira worry. Kartik says I m saying for the last time. Naira goes to explain Kairav. She says father used to call us for every pic, he wasn’t our family, church nannies never stopped us, you remember what father taught us, we are God’s children, we are our family, we all are connected by the relation of humanity, if you accept Krishna as Didi, she will become Didi. He says but she isn’t my sister. Kartik says fine, we will discuss what will Kairav eat after pics, what gift you want. Kairav says you are the best, roller skates. Naira says you forgot dos and donts. Kartik says its special day today. He gets a call. Manish asks them to come fast.

Akhilesh asks Naksh did you and Kirti fight, why are you standing so far, go and stand along. Naksh says no. He goes to Kirti. Krish joins them. Gayu asks Samarth to stand with Vansh and her. Vansh says Kartik is getting roller skates for Kairav, get it for me also. Samarth says you started making demands, its not necessary you get everything what Kairav gets. Gayu asks Vansh to take Vatsal.

Everyone gets the pics clicked. Photographer asks Kartik to just get ready. He says I have to go somewhere else also. Naira shouts stop. Kartik says Krishna isn’t here….. He calls Krishna. Krishna sits with Naira. The pics get clicked. Mr. Sinha calls from children association. He says you can’t keep Krishna like that, you either legally adopt her or send her back. Naira says we started the process. Mr. Sinha says sign the papers in 2 days or we will come to take her. Krish asks Kairav to just chill. Vansh says our family is chilling a lot. Kairav says my mum and dad changed. Vansh says mine too. Krishna says no more sad faces, come for play.

Kairav says I didn’t go to my room since a long time. Mr. Sinha says we have office inspector, it will be tough for us if records don’t match. Kartik says how will we convince Kairav in two days. Kairav sees Krishna’s clothes in his room. Krish jokes and laughs. Naira says we have to do this, we saved her with much difficulty, we can’t lose her. Kartik says I know, she won’t be safe anywhere else. Kairav says why does Krishna stay here, mum and dad should have not given your room. He keeps her things in the bag. Krish says I agree, she sleeps near the sofa, I had seen her. They play basketball. Krishna comes. She looks for her stuff. She asks where is it. Krish says I know where is it, you have to play with us. Kartik and Naira come to Kairav’s room. They see the kids playing. Kartik says I was so stressed, I don’t know if we should talk or not. Naira says we will talk later. He says let them play, we will talk tomorrow. They go. Kairav asks Krishna to go. He gives her stuff. Krishna says don’t get upset. Krishna gets sad. Naira keeps Krishna’s pic in the family tree. Kartik takes the selfie.

Kartik says we will convince Kairav, I will give him some gift. Naira says you will bribe him. He says end result will be right. She says you should not bribe kids often, I don’t agree. He says just agree with me. She says you just want kids around you. They have a cute moment. He hugs her and says Kairav is playing, baby is sleeping, why don’t we use this chance. She gets Bhabhimaa’s call. She asks is everything fine. Bhabhimaa says yes. Devyaani says we didn’t get sleep. Bhabhimaa asks what shall we do for Naksh and Kirti’s wedding anniversary tomorrow. Kartik says don’t worry, we will plan it. Naira says don’t wish them. Kartik says send them outside the house. Devyaani says Naksh said they are going out tomorrow. Naksh says I told them that we are going out for imp work. Kirti says its our anniversary tomorrow. Naksh says we had to tell them some day. Bhabhimaa says it will be fun. Dadi says family photo got spoiled. Manish says Kairav didn’t like it. Vansh hears them saying Kartik and Naira want to adopt Krishna. He runs to Kairav. He says I have a solid news, your parents want to adopt Krishna and make her your sister. Kairav runs. Kartik comes to tell Kairav.

Naira and Kartik, and family are at Singhania house to surprise Kirti and Naksh. Kairav gets locked at home and shouts for help.