Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Abhi saying don’t do this. She asks him to say the truth to the family. She ends call and cries. Bechaini si…plays… She sees Manish and goes to him. He asks what happened. She says I thought of meeting you all. He asks her what’s the matter, did she fight with Abhi. She says its my house, I can stay here for some time, don’t ask anything. He asks won’t you tell me, what happened. She says I m hurt because he is hurt. He asks what happened, did Aarohi do anything. She says don’t know, he is troubled. He says I thought everything is getting fine, he kept reception for them. She says he is behaving strange, something is bothering him. He hugs her.

Abhi says Akshu went to meet Manish, he was missing her, I asked her to stay there. Aarohi thinks tough luck. She says you are hiding something, the matter is something else. Manjiri asks what do you mean. Aarohi says I spoke to Vansh, he said everything is fine at home, Manish went to sleep, when did he call Akshu home, matter is something else. Abhi goes upstairs. Aarohi says Abhi is hurt that Akshu went to Maayka, because he is keeping a reception party for us, she got upset and went to Maayka, I know you will say Akshu isn’t such, I have felt so, I was happy that we all are getting united, but Akshu wants to keep me away.

Manish says maybe Aarohi is behind this. Aarohi stops Abhi. She says you have to make reception special for me. Manish says I don’t find anything right. He gets Abhi’s message…. Sorry Bade Papa to message late, don’t take stress, I have to talk to you in the morning. Manish says even I have to talk to you. Its morning, Akshu thinks of Abhi. Manjiri makes a video call to her and asks why didn’t you come back. Akshu says Abhi knows about it, I m not doing this without a reason, I m angry because I know something isn’t right. Manjiri asks what’s wrong if Abhi wants to keep reception for Neil and Aarohi, come back home. Akshu says sorry, I can’t come. She disconnects. Manjiri says she gets stubborn at few things. Akshu says I can’t answer your questions. Neil says Aarohi, you will look good. Aarohi says Abhi is giving 200%, but Akshu isn’t giving 50%, Akshu is making our happiness less.

Neil says get ready, Akshu will clear your misunderstanding today. He goes to change. She says you be Laxman, I don’t change, I want to know if Abhi will give me the gift or not. Abhi talks to Dr. Iyer on call. He asks is there any other insight on this case. Doctor says case can spoil if Akshara takes any stress, make sure she is stress free. He ends call and says she is still stressed, because I m not telling her the truth. Manjiri holds him. She asks are you worried. He hugs her and makes excuse. She says your work is imp, but you have to understand that life, relations and family, that’s also imp, you and Akshu focus on your family, Akshu is ready, you are also ready, right, go and get her home. Abhi goes away and sets the cushions. Neil thanks him. Abhi asks are you happy, I m also happy. Neil says Akshu isn’t happy, I will try to convince her. Abhi hugs him.

Aarohi asks about Manish, and irritates Abhi. Abhi comes to Goenka house. He says I have to talk to Manish. Akshu sees him coming. Abhi sits down and apologizes to Manish. Akshu and everyone get surprised. Abhi says forgive Aarohi. Akshu and Manish ask why is he doing this. Abhi says its good for us, trust me, forgive her. Kairav says this isn’t a right way, one who regrets for mistakes is forgiven. Dadi asks him what’s the matter. Abhi says just forgive her. Akshu says stop it Abhi. Aarohi gets ready. She says don’t know Manish agreed or not. She hears Manjiri and Shefali talking. Mahima jokes. She says I hope nothing wrong happens, Abhi is missing. Aarohi says we have bad luck, Neil. Manjiri asks why is Akshu adamant, she isn’t coming on Abhi’s saying. Akshu says Aarohi won’t change if Manish forgives her, tell me is she troubling you, why are you troubled, stop it. Abhi says please forgive her. Manish makes Abhi get up. He says I will agree when you are saying this, I will forgive Aarohi. Abhi thanks him. He says I will wait for you all at the reception. He asks Akshu to please come, its her wish. He goes out. He gets Aarohi’s call. He scolds her and says I can’t think what I will do if Akshu learns the truth. He breaks the phone in anger. Akshu looks on. He leaves from there. She says I have to confirm that Aarohi is doing this, she is blackmailing him, what’s the truth.

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