Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th July 2023 Written Episode Written Update

Abhi recalling Akshu’s words. He thinks we made a mistake, Maa. He messages sorry to Akshu. She reads it and recalls his words. He sees Akshu typing. She keeps her phone and lies down. She cries. yeh Rishta…plays… Abhir cries and sleeps. Its morning, Abhi, Parth and Anand are busy on calls to get details from the hotel. Abhi says check if the room is booked on Manjiri Birla or Mahima Birla. He sees Manjiri, Mahima and kids coming. Ruhi runs to Aarohi. Shivansh hugs Shefali. Abhir looks on and cries. Abhi goes to him and says sorry junior. Abhir runs upstairs. Abhi recalls Akshu’s words. Manjiri asks kids to change clothes, she will arrange breakfast. She says its good rains stopped, else we would have been there at hotel today also. Abhi asks why is Abhir here, why isn’t he with Akshu and Abhinav. She says he couldn’t sleep well at night, he needs rest. He says they get two days, last day got waste, at least you could have dropped him today, you aren’t trying to send him. Shivansh puts Abhir’s books aside. Abhir says my mumma says Saraswati maa is there in the books, you shouldn’t drop the books down. Shivansh asks where will I keep my books, you don’t know where to stay, you have another house here and in Kasauli also, you don’t belong anywhere. Abhir gets angry. Manjiri says Abhir didn’t sleep because it was a new place. Abhi says no, he was missing his mum and dad, he was excited, he wanted to go but he got stuck. She asks what’s my mistake, don’t you trust me. He says its about Akshu, she doesn’t trust you, she heard you saying we shouldn’t send Abhir to her, you should have taken Abhir, Shivansh is here, we can get their bonding done anytime. Abhir and Shivansh fight the pencil. Shivansh gets hurt and shouts mumma. Everyone runs to see him. Shefali and Parth ask how did you get hurt. Shivansh says Abhir has hit it with the pencil. Aarohi says we will take him and do the first aid. Shefali and Aarohi take Shivansh. Mahima stops Abhir. Manjiri says Abhir didn’t do this intentionally. Mahima says Abhir won’t come in front of Shivansh. Manjiri says it happens, listen to Abhir once. Mahima says send Abhir back to Akshu, he was sensible there, he has become a problem here. Abhir gets sad. Parth picks the pencil. Shivansh screams. Aarohi says its done, I will do the dressing. Parth gets angry. He goes to slap Abhir. Abhi holds Parth’s hand.

Nishta comes and takes Abhir with her. Abhi and Parth argue. Manjiri cries. Mahima gets angry. Abhi says don’t think of raising hand on my hand again. Manjiri says we treat all the kids same. Mahima says you start coaching classes of lying, you don’t treat the kids the same, you are partial. Abhi says Shivu is the first child of the new generation, I love him a lot, three kids are same for me. Mahima and Manjiri argue.

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