Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Kartik saying yes, my fiancee is waiting for me, I will pray that you also get her who isn’t with you. Ranvir says then I will also pray that you are here with your wife when we meet next time, I wish she isn’t of anyone else till now. Sirat comes there. Ranvir goes. She says that man is asking for money. Kartik says fine, I will give the money, have this chunri, a man got this, he was taking it, its good I reached on time, you look like a girl today. She asks what’s this, girl is a girl. He says just boxer, you stay in that mode always, sometimes you look like a girl. She warns him. She makes smiling gestures. He asks what. She acts girly. He says sorry, I don’t want you to look like a monkey. She says I will not leave you.

She laughs and says pot…. She goes. Dadi asks Manish not to spoil his mood on the festive day. Manish says my son’s life is getting spoiled. Dadi says we felt the same on Kartik and Naira’s marriage, but she changed our lives, she left us, we still praise her. Manish says I m sure that this time we will fail. She says leave few things on Lord, Naira taught this. He says Naira had good values, she belonged to a good family, this girl is using our helplessness, why doesn’t she get away. She says give her a chance. He says it will be a cheat for Kartik and us.

Naira sees Ranvir’s jeep. FB shows Ranvir showing his bike to Sirat. She says motorcycle. He says its a bike, you aren’t cool, when you and I go on this bike, the world will get jealous. She ties a green cloth to the handle. She says you and your bike shouldn’t get any bad sight. He says and my love also. He kisses her and take her on a ride. Kartik asks what happened, there is no one. She says nothing, I was thinking something, we will go. She stumbles. He holds her. He asks her to walk carefully. She thinks I wish someone gave me this advice before, I would have not flew. Kairav comes to call them. Suwarna says Kairav is so happy wit Sirat.

Kartik says I feel sad that Kairav just needs his mum, not me, but its fine. Dadi says Devyaani would be coming. Kartik asks why did you call her here, I was going to talk to her. Dadi says Naksh and Bhabhimaa aren’t here, I asked Kirti to get Devyaani. Suwarna says Kirti would have told her that Sirat looks like Naira. Sirat performs with the pots once again. Kirti and Devyaani come. Devyaani gets shocked seeing Sirat and hugs her. Sirat says I m Sirat. Devyaani says Naira was born in my hands, you are Naira for me. Sirat says thanks Choti Dadi. Devyaani cries and says don’t know why Lord snatched Naira from us, stay here now, please. Kartik says we also thought so, we had to make a relation. Dadi says I have decided Kartik and Sirat’s marriage. Rhea gets sad. Kirti asks Kartik to come for a talk. He goes to her. She asks did anyone force you for marrying her, her face matches Naira, you may feel bad, but you can never forget Naira and that accident, think again. Kartik says I thought well, just support me. Dadi asks them to start the puja.

Everyone does the puja. Ranvir and Chandu are around. They hear the ladies singing. He says this was Sirat and my fav song, we danced a lot. Chandu says think I m Sirat, dance with me. Ranvir and Chandu dance. Sirat says tell me if you are thinking of Naira, we will remember her together, we are friends now. Kartik says few things can’t be shared. She says you can share it with me if you want. He says sorry, you can also share things with me, I have not seen your sorrow. She says we will feel each other’s sorrow. Sirat misses Ranvir. Kartik thinks of Naira. Ranvir thinks of Sirat. Dadi asks Kartik and Sirat to do the immersion together. They do the ritual. Kartik says we have to go anyway where this water wave takes us. Ranvir does the rituals and thinks I will see how life tests me. Sira thinks even if you come back, I won’t meet you, I will move on. They immerse the idols and pray.