Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Sirat insulting Eela a lot. She says you won’t get insulted even if I kick her out. Eela asks her mum to see Sirat’s misbehavior. Sirat says everyone knows about you. Nani stops her. Sirat says we will have a talk, you don’t get in between. Nani says I m Eela’s mum and raised you also, I m the owner of the house, I will decide. She asks Eela to go. Sirat says she wants the house, she wants me to get married and go away, she will take your share also. Eela says I don’t want any share. Sirat says you won’t be able to see my marriage ever. Nani sends Eela. She calms down Sirat. Nani asks don’t you get a headache after arguing.

Sirat says I have pain in my heart. She starts crying and gets angry on Eela. She throws a vase in anger. Her friend comes and says wow, what a welcome. He asks Sirat to come, she has to go to Sikar heart. Sirat says I will get my certificates. Nani says you won’t go anywhere. Kartik asks why are you insisting, I feel this place Sikar heart is unsafe. Teacher says you need to trust us, everyone is going, what will he do here alone, he is sad. He asks what happened to Kairav. Kairav says I m not sad, I m fine, all the friends are going. Kartik says let them go, you won’t go, Akshu and I will make a video call. Kairav thinks even I wasn’t willing to go.

Manish and everyone ask Kartik to let Kairav go on the trip. Sirat says I have to go, please open the door. Nani says you won’t go, you have work in the evening also. She sounds upset and runs out from the window. Nani says she got upset, take her along, I will open the door. He sees Sirat going on her cycle. He says leave it Nani, I have thought well, you are right, she has to go on work in the evening, she should sleep, I have imp work, I will come.

He says I will keep the enmity, what about your husband. She says you marry me and become my enemy. He says no, I have a sweetheart. She says it means I m nothing. He says no, you … She says I m your enemy, we have to go to Sikar heart now. Kartik checks about Sikar heart. He sees a lady and asks by asking whom did you take my daughter, you should have taken permission. She gives Akshu and asks the permission. He says no. She says she wasn’t crying in my lap. Surekha comes and greets Riya. Riya hugs her and says I came as soon as the meeting got over. Suwarna asks didn’t you identify Riya. Kartik says yes. He goes. Riya asks where is Kairav.

Kairav comes to some fair. He looks around and asks can I meet anyone here. Sirat and her friend also come there. Kairav looks into the magic box. Sirat sees this and goes. She says I can’t spend 10 rs on this. Her friend says we will do for what we have come. She says yes, once the coach gets ready, the state board is mine. Kairav sees her and says mumma’s glovers were also such. Teacher asks Kairav and others to come.

Sirat sees her torn shoes. Her friend says I told you to take shoes from me, you can pay money later, will you fight without shoes. She says I will have branded shoes very soon. She asks him to find coach. She goes to get her bag from the cycle.

Kairav goes to take his bottle. He gets shocked seeing Sirat and thinks she is Naira. He runs to her. He shouts mumma. She goes. She says thank God, no one took my certificate bag, my fate is good. Kairav says make me meet my mumma please. She sits down to tie the shoe lace. He comes to her and cries. He says mumma…. and hugs her. She makes him away and says you think I m your mumma, you are wearing glasses already, you are mistaken, I m not anyone’s mumma, I m unmarried, leave my hand. He says no, don’t leave me and go. Her friend calls her out. She says I have to go. He says coach Sir can leave, come fast.

Kairav says I won’t leave you. She says I m not anyone’s mumma, let me go. She goes. Teacher stops Kairav and asks how did you come here. He cries. Teacher takes him. Kartik wakes up and says Kairav, where is he. Manish asks what happened. Kartik says I felt Kairav is hurt or he is crying, what if he needs me, I will call him. Manish says he will call you, don’t worry. Kartik says I know it, he needs me. Kairav says she was really my mumma, I want to go to her. Teacher says she can’t be your mumma. He says she was my mumma, call my Papa, please. Kartik says I can’t wait. Teacher calls. Kartik says I knew something happened. He asks for Kairav. Kairav cries. Kartik asks what happened, why are you crying. Kairav says I have seen mumma. Kartik gets shocked.