Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Akshu training the kids on call. Manjiri comes and says I m going to the temple with Aarohi, just take care. Akshu asks her not to worry. She speaks to the girl. Abhi sends an audio message to Akshu. Mahima comes and says siblings have a good bond in our family. He says this tradition will go on with Neil and my kids. They go for the surgery. Akshu lies in pain. Shefali asks what happened. Akshu says I m getting muscle cramps. Shefali calls the gynac. She says your doctor is busy, we have to go to the doctor, come. Neil comes there and asks what happened to Akshu. Shefali says we have to take her to the hospital. Neil says there is a traffic jam near Birla hospital, I just came. Shefali says but we have to take her, we will go to some other hospital and call her gynac there. Akshu recalls Abhi’s words and thinks I have to go for babies sake. Abhi stops. Mahima asks him to come. Neil asks Shefali to stay with Shivu. Neil and Akshu leave. Akshu says sorry Abhi. Abhi and Mahima do the surgery. They talk of the patient’s will power. Akshu says nothing should happen to my babies, doctor. Neil calls Abhi. He says Abhi would be in surgery, I hope Akshu is fine. Doctor says babies are fine. Akshu gets glad and talks to her babies. Akshu and Neil leave from the hospital. The girl calls Akshu and says these bad men are kidnapping us. Akshu shouts Tanvi… She panics. Neil calls the police station. Shefali worries. Manjiri and Aarohi come home. Shefali says Neil took Akshu to the hospital. Manjiri asks what, I will go there. Shefali says a big rally is going. Akshu gets Tanvi’s video call. Akshu and Neil see the goons kidnapping the girls. Akshu says they called me to take help, its about their lives, we have to go there. Neil says we are going to become parents, we can’t leave someone’s children like this, we will go. Aarohi calls Neil. She asks about Akshu. He says Akshu and babies are fine, we have to go to concert location for an emergency. Aarohi asks what. He says I will come and tell the details. Aarohi tells this to Manjiri. Manjiri asks what. She gets angry and asks why did Akshu go there. Akshu calls Manish and asks him to send police to the concert venue. He asks what happened. She says the kidnappers are taking the girls away. He asks her not to worry. Neil and Akshu see the goons. Abhi and Mahima save the patient. Abhi thinks to call Akshu. Neil says I will not let anything happen to those girls, you can’t go out, please. She asks him to be careful. He goes and asks the goons to stop. The kids ask Neil to save them. Neil fights the goons.

Akshu calls Kairav and Parth. She says Parth isn’t answering. Neil gets beaten up by the goons. Neil signs Akshu not to come. Akshu cries seeing him. The goon takes a knife to stab Neil. Akshu gets into driver’s seat and races the car. She knocks down the goons. She sees Neil injured. The car gets stuck. She gets down the car and runs to fight. He says go to the kids, please. She says no, you are hurt. She gets the kids down the truck. Abhi gets their missed calls and calls back. The phones are in the car. A patient’s brother calls Abhi for saving his younger brother, he is like his kid. Abhi says I can understand, I also have a younger brother, he is my life, I can do anything for him. The man says I want to do something for you. Abhi asks him to pray for his brother. Neil gets a hit on his head. Neil falls down. Akshu shouts Neil. The goons catch Akshu. Akshu says don’t come close, my babies, please. The goon goes to hit her. Police comes and shoots at him. The goons run away. Akshu runs to Neil. The man says I will pray for your brother. Abhi says a brother can’t lose a brother. Akshu asks Neil to open eyes. The man thanks Abhi and goes. Akshu asks Neil can you hear me. She hugs him and shouts Neil.

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