Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th February 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Sirat going away and recalling her childhood. Kartik comes and says sorry to get you like this, when your Nani was unwell. She says I can understand Kairav’s pain, after you left, I thought of your words and understood that its tough to see a dear one in pain, when I saw Maudi…. He goes. She gets Rohan’s message and replies to him. Akhilesh says Kartik has paid 7 lakhs at a hospital in Jaisalmer. Dadi says he told me that Sirat’s Nani is ill, he is getting her treated, he didn’t say this, Manish is right, this girl is needy and greedy. Akhilesh says yes, she is taking an advantage of her face. Dadi says yes, she refused to take money from me and then took it from Kartik, don’t tell this to Manish. Manish hears them.

Sirat goes to Kartik. Kartik cries and says I can’t do this, I m not able to explain you son, you are seeing, right, I was going to lose him like I lost you, how shall I explain him. She calls him out. She says I have to go home, Maudi will get discharged. He says fine, is she okay. She says yes, she is saying thanks to you, thanks from my side also. He says its fine, car is ready, you can go. He calls the driver and asks for the car. He says he is our old and trustworthy driver, he will take you safely, I have kept the food inside, no need to stop anywhere for food. She says thanks. He says meet Amma, once she gets discharged, if you can come back for some days, I know I m sounding selfish, Kairav will get fine seeing you. She says I will come. He says its matter of 3-4 days, you can go then. She says don’t worry. He says I will call Amma and request her. She says I will come after dropping Maudi home, don’t worry, thanks. He says okay. She says you are a good Papa, are all the Papa such good. He asks what. She says nothing. Her shoe lace gets stuck. She opens the door. Kartik gets hurt. She says sorry. He says its okay. She leaves.

He goes back to the family and asks them to go home. He says I will be with Kairav, Sirat went back to Jaisalmer, she will come back and stay here for some days till Kairav gets fine. Suwarna says what we can’t buy by money, we get it by humanity. Manish says I wish you are saying right, Sirat came for our Kairav, not money. Dadi says its good she has come. Suwarna says we will also keep Saraswati Maa puja tomorrow, as Naira used to keep. Gayu says yes, Kartik and Kairav will like it.

Sirat gets Maudi home. She says how shall I stay in stranger’s house. She packs her bags. She says what will I do there, I won’t have any work, I will be worried for Maudi, shall I refuse, what will they think of me, I don’t want to go there. Nani calls her. Sirat says I remind my heart that I get determined and win. Nani asks her to do the same in this life’s fight for someone else, its Basant Panchami today, its a good day today. Sirat says I love you Maudi, you are the best. Rohan says don’t worry, I m with her, we will have cheese burger and soda. Sirat says no, she didn’t get fine yet, if you spoil her, then I will give you a punch. She says I m ready for my new match.

Kartik puts a garland on Naira’s pic and says I have to explain Kairav that its not you. Kairav removes the garland and says God has sent mumma back, right. Everyone looks on. Kairav hugs him and asks him not to get angry. Suwarna asks what will we do till puja. Kairav asks without mumma… Kartik says we will start it, she will come. He takes Kairav. Dadi says someone has to keep an eye on Sirat, she is a boxer. Rhea says then we have to stay away. Dadi says yes, keep the kids away from her. Suwarna says its cute. Dadi says don’t expect a lot, just wish that the four days pass soon. Rhea says I have nothing like Sirat has, she is coming close to Kairav, I have to come close to Kartik. Everyone sings Dil se bandhi ek dor…. and dances.

Manish says it would be good if Naksh comes. Dadi says its good he didn’t come, think what would happen if he sees Sirat. He says yes, Sirat is coming for Kairav’s betterment, she will go soon when Kairav gets fine. She says we will think what to do next after these few days pass. Kairav waits for Sirat. Dadi says if the garland falls from the guy’s hand into a girl’s neck, then their alliance gets fixed. Rhea asks really. Suwarna says yes, it happened with my friend. Rhea thinks how do I make sure that this happens with me. The guys throw away the garlands. Kartik’s garland falls in Sirat’s neck. Everyone gets shocked seeing her at the gate. Kairav says mumma has come. Sirat gets Nani along. Dadi says who gets so much stuff to stay for 3-4 days, did she come here forever. Kartik looks on.