Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Akshu seeing Neil and crying. She says sorry Neil, get well soon, please. Suwarna consoles Akshu. Anand says calm down, no one knows about this, Harsh we have to handle everyone. Police comes. Harsh asks who did this with my son. Inspector says human trafficking was happening, Akshu and Neil reached there and showed courage to fight the goons, thank God they didn’t had a gun, else anything could have happened. Akshu says please Abhi, come soon. Abhi comes home with Mahima. Manjiri says Abhi… He asks why are you worried. Shefali says don’t reach much.

Abhi asks is Akshu fine, tell me. Aarohi says Akshu has gone to the concert with Neil. Abhi says she broke the promise. Shefali says no. Manish calls Abhi and asks him to come to Birla hospital, Neil met with an accident. Abhi is shocked.

Manjiri asks what happened. Abhi says Neil… Doctor says we have to stop the blood loss. Suwarna says please have courage, see Neil has many doctors to handle himself, you have to handle yourself, Neil will get fine. Suwarna says I will get water for you. Akshu sees the bleeding and worries. She holds her stomach and thinks why am I getting such pain, my babies…. She goes. Abhi comes running. The family comes there.

Akshu goes to the gynac room. She says its paining a lot. The doctor asks her to lie down. Abhi sees Neil and cries. Everyone sees Neil and cries. Abhi asks why isn’t he in OT, what are you waiting for. Harsh says relax, he is getting treated. Abhi shouts. Anand says I checked his vitals, his bp is low, until bp is normal, we can’t do any surgery. Abhi asks Rohan to get blood units from the bank. Anand says you go out. Harsh says you have come from a long journey, please come. Akshu asks is my babies fine, tell me. Doctor says I will do ultrasound first, we will check first. Akshu asks about the babies again and again. Aarohi asks the doctor about Neil. She says I want to come, but the family is not allowing me, tell me, how is Neil. Doctor says Neil is critical, his bp is dropping, we can’t control his bp. Aarohi asks what. She leaves from the house.

Manjiri stops Aarohi. Aarohi says please let me go to Neil. Manjiri says no, I won’t let you go, I m here just for you, I m also crying for Neil. Aarohi cries and says please let me go. Manjiri says nothing will happen to Neil, see what happened when Akshu broke her promise and went there, I can’t let you go, we will pray. They hug. Anand and Mahima console Harsh. Suwarna says I will go and see Akshu. Abhi sees the blood mark and cleans it. He scolds Rohan. He asks how did this happen. Anand says it was human trafficking case. Abhi says but they went for the concert. Manish says it was fake, the girls called her for help. Harsh says they should have called someone, why did they risk their lives. Manish says we don’t know what happened. Anand says Akshu didn’t get harmed physically, but Neil is in this case. Abhi asks where is Akshu. Doctor asks Akshu not to panic and cry. Nurse says that room’s patient got labor pain, come fast. Doctor says I m coming. Akshu asks are my babies fine, tell me. Doctor says sorry, heartbeart is missing, your babies are no more, you suffered a miscarriage. Akshu cries. Doctor says take rest, I will send the nurse. Akshu cries and falls back. Abhi holds her. He asks her what happened. He says I m feeling scared, please tell me what happened. She says I m sorry Abhi, I couldn’t take care, our babies left us. Abhi is shocked.

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