Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th November 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Episode begins with Akshara notices that everyone is making faces and no one is really happy in the house and they all are just pretending to be happy. She thinks that she needs to do something so that people can be happy and she plans something in her mind. On the other hand, Kairav and vansh are thinking about how to bring back their happiness in their life. Aarohi comes down to celebrate the event with everyone when Kairav asks her that they will come near her sometime soon. Aarohi says that he is feeling better like this and she was getting bored in the room.

Akshara says to all that they should take out their frustration and anger by bursting all the balloons and in this way they can feel better and can enjoy the festivals with full mood. Everyone started bursting balloons and after a while all were feeling good including Aarohi and they decided to perform the rituals. Kairav goes to bring his camera while Akshara goes to bring her guitar.

On the other hand, the same festival is going on in the house of the builder family. However Abhimanyu is behaving like a walking zombie.

Everyone is getting unhappy to see him like this, especially his family members. His sister and Neil are affected to see Abhimanyu like this and both of them break down crying. Once the ritual is over Abhimanyu says sorry to his sister that this year he couldn’t bring a gift for her and he left for the hospital saying that he has a surgery to perform. Harshvardhan says all this is happening due to Akshara and as a father he will never be able to forgive her for the state of his son. Kairav notices Akshara was unable to tune in guitar and he doubts that if she is so good at guitar from her childhood then what happened suddenly today? He also notices a lot of pieces of balloons are scattered in the room.

He takes up his camera and notices all the photographs of Akshara and Abhimanyu in his camera memory card. While going through the photographs he easily understood that each and every word that Abhi said that day was right and he realised what must have happened. He comes down and asks Akshara to leave the house and should be away from the place without asking for any explanation. Akshara agrees to go while Neil asks Abhimanyu to fight for his love for one last time but he denies saying Akshara herself told in front of all about her feelings and now that is the ultimate truth for me as well.

On the other hand Akshara leaves from Goenka house and Kairav says to her that once she will reach his friend will give him a new SIM card. He says when she is going to start from the beginning then she should leave behind everything that is connected to her past life and Akshara immediately gets reminded of Abhimanyu. She feels bad and sad but doesn’t show it on her face. She bids goodbye to everyone and leaves. Everyone in the family is emotional and said but didn’t say anything.

Precap – Abhimanyu gets into a fight with someone on the road. Akshara got to know that Abhimanyu is not okay.