Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Aarohi smiling on getting hit by Abhi’s hand. She sees Neil there and starts acting. She says you slapped me, how dare you. Abhi says I didn’t slap, I was turning, it was a mistake. Neil shouts what did you do, Bhai. Aarohi cries and runs downstairs to Neil. She hugs him. She asks Neil did you see what he did, he hates me. Everyone looks on shocked. She says Akshu also hates me, but I didn’t expect this, no. Rohan and the guests leave. Abhi comes downstairs. Manjiri asks what happened, tell me. Neil asks how can you do this. Abhi asks do you think I m mad. Neil says even I m not mad. Abhi asks why are you talking like mad, you are shouting on me, I won’t hear your nonsense, am I lying. Neil says yes, you are lying. Abhi says it was a mistake, I was turning. Akshu asks what happened. Neil says my wife is badly treated, Abhi has slapped my wife. Abhi says I can’t slap any girl, if anyone slaps a girl in front of me, I will break his hand. Akshu says its not possible, he can’t do this. Neil says this happened. Abhi says it won’t get true if you say it 10 times, I didn’t slap Aarohi. She says he can’t do this. Aarohi says its okay, we got to know our value. Akshu and Manish ask Abhi what happened. Abhi says I turned and my hand has hit Aarohi by mistake, that’s it, what are you asking me, Neil, you know me since childhood, I already apologized to Aarohi. Manish says why would Abhi slap Aarohi. Anand says he is already saying sorry. Manjiri and Akshu ask Neil and Aarohi to end the matter. Aarohi says no use, Neil, no one cares for me, I feel I held Abhi’s hand and slapped myself. Akshu says just stop it. Neil says you stop it, Bhabhi, you don’t try to cover up Abhi’s mistake, I have seen Abhi slapping Aarohi. Abhi says don’t shout, why would I slap. Neil asks is Aarohi saying wrong. Abhi says yes. Neil asks is it wrong what I saw. Abhi says yes. Neil asks will you decide everything. Abhi says yes, I m right. Neil says you are wrong. Manjiri asks them to calm down, brothers don’t fight. Akshu asks Neil and Abhi to sit and talk.

She says Neil, you really think Abhi will slap Aarohi. Abhi says listen to me, Neil. Neil says I don’t want to listen to you and everyone, Aarohi said you slapped her, it means you did. Akshu says I won’t even believe God against Abhi. He says fine, you don’t trust me and Aarohi, Shefali has seen Abhi slapping Aarohi, we will ask her. Shefali says I don’t think Abhi can do such a thing. Neil says you have seen what I have seen, Abhi slapped Aarohi. Shefali says yes, it looked so, but… Neil says enough, Shefali isn’t lying, Abhi isn’t even sorry, does anyone want to say anything now.

He asks Abhi to keep some manners and say sorry to his wife. Abhi says I would have not apologized myself if I had slapped Aarohi, for some mistakes, every punishment is less, Aarohi I m honestly sorry that my hand hit you, I won’t say sorry for the mistake I didn’t do. Akshu says Abhi has apologized, you are blaming wrong, he won’t make mistake of making it right. Neil says it means Shefali is lying. Manish says sometimes we get into an illusion, you don’t know Aarohi as much as I know. He asks Aarohi to say what’s the truth, why is she doing this. She says I m not doing any drama, Neil and Shefali have seen it. He asks her to shut up if she can’t say truth. Suwarna says if Aarohi is saying this… maybe a person makes mistake in anger. Manish says I don’t believe it, Abhi can’t do this, Aarohi tell me what’s the truth. Neil shouts on him and asks him not to blame Aarohi.

Manjiri asks him to stay in manners. Neil says I will forget my manners if anyone insults Aarohi. Aarohi defends herself. She says it was a little matter, it was some confusion, I took a file and thought its mine, it was Abhi’s file, he snatched it. Abhi says I asked it four times but you didn’t give it. She asks why did you react like something will happen if I see that file, what’s there in the file, you wanted to teach me a lesson and slapped me. Abhi says you are asking me, why did you leave the function and go to my room to get the file, your file will be in your room, right, you would go to my room to steal my room. She says don’t blame me. He says don’t play victim card. Neil gets angry and throws things.

Neil says no one trusts Aarohi, she is a liar, right. He asks Manjiri and Manish about Aarohi. He says it means we all are lying, Akshu always supports truth, she changed her morals when its about Abhi. Akshu says no, I know Aarohi and Abhi well. Neil says you both have given me a shock today, I shouldn’t be shocked, you all have accepted that Aarohi and I will do wrong always, you proved that we are not your own, but step relations, maybe we made a mistake by getting born. Akshu asks Neil to stop it. Neil says you all can say anything, I know Aarohi is right, I m with her today, Abhi’s great attitude is waste today, Abhi has done wrong, the person standing with Abhi is also wrong for me. Police comes home. Anand asks what’s the matter. Inspector says we got a complaint against Abhi for domestic violence. Harsh asks what. Manish asks who filed the complaint. Inspector says the person didn’t say the name, but said that Abhi has slapped the house’s bahu, it’s a big crime. Aarohi thinks I have messaged Neha on right time, she has sent the police, good job. Abhi sees Aarohi.

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