Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Abhi and Neil not talking to each other. Everyone looks on. Akshu says Shivansh’s birthday planning is going boring. Harsh says right, we didn’t come early to get bored. Anand says there should be some fun. Akshu says exactly, we will hear a story. She tells a story of two brothers, and sees Abhi and Neil. Abhi and Neil hold the birthday banner together. Manjiri and everyone smile. Manish says Abhi and Akshu called, and invited us in Shivansh’s birthday. Vansh says yes, Aarohi also messaged me. Akhilesh asks will we go. Suwarna says we didn’t go in puja also. Manish says we will go. Akhilesh says he is right. Kairav says we should go. Manish says Aarohi wants everyone’s attention, if I m there, maybe she won’t do anything, Shivansh’s birthday shouldn’t spoil.

Everyone in the party claps for Shivansh. The lady says you are Akshara’s sister right. Aarohi says Aarohi Birla. Neil says we recently got married. Akshu says Shivansh is calling everyone, just come. Aarohi says I don’t want to be known as Akshu’s sister all life. Manish says what’s bad in getting known by our relations. Aarohi sees Goenkas at the door. Abhi and Akshu meet them and hug. Neil also greets them, and gets blessings. Manjiri asks them to come in.

Suwarna wishes Shivansh happy birthday and makes him wear a gold chain. Abhi says it looks good that both families are together. Akshu says yes, it will be the best birthday gift for Shivansh. He gets some message and goes. Aarohi sees him. He calls the doctor. He says this is my life’s most imp case, you can consult any specialist. Aarohi says Akshu is the most imp to me, was that Akshu’s reports. Akshu asks is everything fine. He says yes.

Suwarna says today is an auspicious day. The lady says Abhi and Akshu will make Manjiri Dadi soon. Akshu smiles and signs Abhi. The lady asks can we tell some good rasam. Manjiri says yes please. The lady asks them to keep the boy and girl toy in front of Shivansh, he will choose one. Manjiri says grandson and granddaughter is equal for us, let Shivansh decide.

Abhi and Akshu hold the toys and sit. They all guess. Rohan jokes on Abhi. He says you didn’t scold me today. Harsh says yes, Abhi always scolds him. Shivansh touches the doll. Everyone claps. Abhi thinks shall I take this as a sign to keep hope. Aarohi thinks I have to find out what is Abhi hiding.

Akshu gets excited and talks to Abhi about their baby. Neil stops Aarohi and says I have your phone, come. Shefali asks Akshu about the special plan for Shivansh. The big teddy falls over the servant. Akshu sees Aarohi. Shefali says the decorations got spoiled. Aarohi says I had asked the staff to put things well. Akshu says wait, Abhi help me. They both clear the mess and make Shivansh sit on the teddy. Neil says this looks better than before. Akshu and Abhi smile. Akshu says we will start the party now.

They all dance on Tukur tukur….. Aarohi says take the attention, I will find out about Abhi’s file. She goes. Abhi thinks of sending Akshu’s reports again, the sent scanned reports weren’t clear. He goes upstairs and says yes, doctor, I will send the pics. He sees Aarohi with the file. He asks why is my file with you. He asks for the file. She says I won’t give, what will you do, Akshu and you act great, what are you hiding, I have a right to know, tell me, why can’t I see it, I will tell everyone. He shouts file. She says there is something you are hiding, you call me wrong, I don’t hide things like you, I won’t give it. He takes the file. She says I will tell everyone that you aren’t a true person. Abhi turns and his hand strikes her cheek. She says you slapped me. Neil looks on and shouts Bhai. Everyone turns to see.

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