Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th November 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Episode begins with Kairav was watching pictures of Akshara and Abhimanyu in his laptop when vansh comes there and questions him about his decision of sending Akshara away. He says Akshara loves Abhimanyu but she can’t have him so I send her away so that she can forget him. Vansh says I can understand the reason but I can’t say that you did the correct thing.

Abhimanyu is going on the road on his bike while Akshara is also going to the bus stand in her cab. There was a signal and coincidentally both their vehicles were standing next to each other. After some moments both of them realised that they were standing next to each other and they had an eyelock. Abhimanyu is looking at Akshata with a lot of anger but as soon as Akshara starts crying seeing him, he gets soft on her. She wants to talk to him and is going to open the door lock but before she can do that the single opens and her cab goes away from that place.

Abhimanyu got numb again and he couldn’t start his bike. Some other passerby tries to comment on him and shows his anger. That person’s girlfriend says not to indulge in any fight for no reason, especially if the other person is not at fault. Dead person starts to humiliate and insult his own girlfriend in the middle of the road. As a result, Abhimanyu gets angry and he takes out his entire frustration on that guy and beats him so much.

Police come and are going to arrest Abhimanyu but Kairav saves the day for him and rescues him from the chaos. Abhimanyu says I didn’t need your help, he told him I didn’t do any favour on you. You were right in your stand but your way of taking the stand was wrong. Don’t take out your penned up frustration on anybody else.

Abhimanyu told Kairav about Akshara’s visit to his house and what all she said to him and his family. Kairav gets shocked to hear all this and realises maybe that’s why she left forever. Abhimanyu is shocked to know it but doesn’t do anything. Later on, Manjiri is discussing in the house that every year Abhimanyu was extremely excited for his birthday. He loves to celebrate it with his friends and family.

But I was not sure if this year he would like to celebrate it at all? Harshvardhan says that I wait for the entire year to see his happiness on this particular day but it seems like this year I won’t be able to see it at all. Abhimanyu comes home and declares that he will not celebrate his birthday this year and he will never celebrate it ever from now on.

Manjari comes to meet Abhimanyu in his room for dinner and tries to feed him but he denies saying that I don’t want to have anything right now. She tries to make him feed it with her own hands but he denies it again. Hence she stops but asks him to come out of this silent mode and talk to her.

Abhimanyu explains to her that he made Akshara today while going to the hospital and even if he wants he is unable to control his emotions whenever he sees her. Manjari understands the plight of her son, she feels extremely helpless and sad when Neil comes and says to Manjiri that we have to do something for my brother.

Precap – Abhimanyu asks Manjiri how the confusion took place if he had shown her the picture and told her the name.