Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Akshu talking to Manish on call. She looks for the contract papers. She gets the file from the locker. She gets the medical file. The papers fall. She picks the papers. Abhi comes. She says sorry Abhi, your imp papers fell down, I will arrange it and give it, check if anything is missing. He says all good. She goes. He thinks I can’t let Akshu know her medical reports truth.

At the hospital, Abhi thinks to call Dr. Iyer. He sees Neil and recalls his words. They don’t talk. Aarohi goes to talk to Mahima. Mahima asks why did you call the police when Abhi slapped you. Aarohi says forget it, is there any high profile case in this hospital. Mahima says no. Aarohi says it means I got something big in my hand, I have to find out. Mahima says what new drama will she do now. Manjiri says its really cute Balgopal, who gave this. Shefali says don’t know. Manjiri asks Akshu what happened. Akshu says I m feeling nausea and dizziness. Manjiri asks is there any good news. Akshu says I signed the album already, oh that, nothing like that. Manjiri says it will happen. Akshu says I m also waiting to give you all that good news. Manjiri says someone gifted us the Bal gopal, I thought of this, whatever happened yesterday, I feel something good will happen. Akshu says everything will be fine. Manjiri asks Akshu to place the idol. Akshu says I m glad to get the positive sign, I wish good news also comes soon. They smile. Akshu goes.

Abhi talks to Akshu’s doctor. Battery gets low. He says I will come and meet you. He keeps the file in the drawer and locks it. He goes. Aarohi comes there and he would keep the file here, the drawer is locked, what shall I do, if he sees me here, he will really slap me. She sees his phone on charging. She checks Dr. Iyer’s message. She checks Abhi’s phone by entering the password. She says you both believe in the stupid concept of angel time, 11: 11. She enters 1111 and unlocks his phone. She checks the message and smiles. Abhi comes and sees her.

He asks what are you doing with my phone. She pities him and starts scolding. She says it’s the duty of a doctor to tell everything to the patient, you didn’t tell your wife that she can never get pregnant, if she conceives, then there can be many complications, this is cheating, you cheated her, apologize to her, my poor sister, when she comes what happened with her, she will fall flat on her face. Akshu comes to the hospital. Aarohi says she will be shocked knowing this big risk or that you have hidden a big thing from her. Abhi takes his phone from her and says don’t know that I slapped you, this is my personal matter, mind your own business, go and enjoy your married life. She smiles.

Akshu recalls Manjiri’s words. He says you look happy. Aarohi says yes. He asks her to get out. She says you should have not done this with my sister, she would be heartbroken, she loves babies. She jokes and laughs on Akshu. She says she feels so much for Shivansh, she melts her heart even for puppies, when she knows what happened to her, she would be heartbroken. He shouts Aarohi. She shouts Abhimanyu. Akshu sees a baby photo frame on the wall and smiles.

He asks Aarohi not to cross the line, else it will be a foul. She says line is crossed, I will win this watch, you don’t know how far I can do, just watch what I do, Akshu will know this truth right now. She goes out and sees Akshu coming. Abhi sees them. He signs no to Aarohi. Aarohi sees Akshu and goes. Akshu sees a couple crying for a still born baby. She cries. Abhi sees her. Aarohi signs Abhi to come to her. Abhi goes to Aarohi’s cabin. She insults him.

He says come straight to the point. She says I will tell the truth to Akshu and you can’t stop me. He says no, don’t tell her, she can’t tolerate this, please. She asks did you just say please, or did I hear anything wrong. She jokes on him. She asks him to say please again. He says please. She says I m bored hearing this please. He asks what do you want. She says there is a cost to keep the mouth shut. He asks her to be shameless and say what she wants. She asks shall I ask anything. He says I can do anything for Akshu. She says you have to do what I say, tell me Jiju, do you agree.

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