Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Aarohi saying I will snatch things, I want respect from you and the family, I want the Birla bahu status and respect. He asks what do you want from me. Akshu comes and calls him out. She hugs him. He asks are you fine, what happened. She says I got nervous for the recording. He asks her not to worry, everything will be fine. Aarohi says all the best, you will need the wishes. Akshu says Manjiri got Balgopal, she said it can be a sign that… He hugs her and says focus on recording right now, best of luck. He stops Aarohi from coming out. Akshu asks are you fine. He says mindblowing, we will meet at home. Akshu leaves.

Aarohi says do as I told you, I will wait for your announcement. At home, Manjiri asks Abhi about the surprise. Aarohi acts. Abhi waits for Akshu. Akshu comes home. She asks is everything okay. He says yes, come, it’s a simple thing, we can forget whatever happened yesterday and move on, I have thought a lot and decided something. Akshu asks what decision. He shows the surprise. He announces Neil and Aarohi’s reception. Aarohi says wow, its beautiful invite, thanks so much Abhimanyu. Abhi says we didn’t welcome them well, its my duty to welcome them, so this reception is a wedding gift from my side. Aarohi says I can’t believe this, is there any other surprise. Abhi says yes. Aarohi asks why. Abhi says I will give a special performance in their reception. Neil asks is there any joke, or any way to insult us. Abhi says you got habitual to think wrong. Manjiri praises Abhi. Neil says I m glad that you did this. Abhi requests everyone to accept Neil and Aarohi, and give them the status and respect. Mahima looks at Aarohi.

Abhi asks Dr. Iyer not to disappoint him and check the reports again. Aarohi says I m double lucky, you are my Jeth ji and Jiju, on which song are you performing, you are take Akshu’s help, I m super excited. Abhi turns and sees Akshu. She asks about reception. He gets a message. He says I have to go to hospital, I will talk later. Kairav says Aarohi and Neil’s reception from Abhi’s side. Manish says Abhi is doing his duty when his younger brother has lost path. Akhilesh says yes, like you did for me. Dadi says we should support Abhi. Manish says we will go, I hope Aarohi and Neil should value his effort and stay as family. Abhi sends Akshu’s reports to doctor. Aarohi sees Abhi. She says I will disturb him. She screams. Neil and Manjiri come. Aarohi says my foot got twisted. Abhi gets up. Everyone comes. Anand says I will see your foot, I m a doctor. Aarohi says no, you are elder, how can you touch my foot, I will get fine. Neil says let Anand check once. Abhi says I will see. Aarohi acts. Manjiri says just see what happened to her. Aarohi smiles. Abhi checks her foot. Aarohi thanks him. Abhi says you will get fine when I twist it well. Aarohi says no, it will hurt me, is there no other way. Anand and Neil ask Aarohi to do as he finds right. Abhi twists her foot. Aarohi screams. Manjiri asks how are you feeling now. Abhi says now she will feel first class. Akshu looks on and asks Abhi to come to the room, she has to talk. She waits for Abhi. Abhi comes to the room. She asks how long will you avoid, I m here, I won’t let you go anywhere until you answer me, did you get drunk or any medicine overdose.

He says Neil is upset, I m trying to convince him. She says you should have told me. He says we should forgive them. She says I have no hope from Aarohi. He says I m doing this for Neil and Manjiri, everything will be fine if we try. She says fine. He thanks her and asks how are you so understanding. She says because you are so lovely. He says sorry to announce reception without asking you. She says its okay, you are forgetting to ask something. He asks about recording. She says I have rocked it, don’t think I will forgive you, you have to do something special for me. He says we will go for a romantic bike ride. She says not bad, idea approved. Aarohi is on call. She sees Abhi and Akshu leaving on the bike.

Akshu says we have many memories with this bike. He says this bike is special for me, its supporting me since the first time I met you. They both thank the bike. He stops the bike. She sings O dilwale babu… They dance and hug.

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