Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Manjiri and everyone welcoming the guests. The guest asks for Akshu. Manjiri says she would be coming. Abhi comes. She blesses and compliments him. He hugs her. She asks what happened, you look worried, are they coming here, did anything happen there. Mahima looks on. Abhi says everything is fine. Rohan tries talking to Abhi. Abhi asks him to chill and not give Gyaan always. Rohan smiles and says you look normal now, stay the same. He goes. Aarohi looks at Abhi and signs him to ask about Manish. Manjiri says we will give breakfast to the guests. Aarohi says everyone is asking me about Akshu. She asks Abhi will Akshu and family come. Manish and everyone come. Birlas smile. Manjiri welcomes them. Aarohi runs to Manish. Neil thanks them for coming. She says it matters a lot that you have come. Manjiri asks where is Akshu. Anand says its good you have come, we will forget the old things and move on.

Manish says I forgive you Aarohi. She thanks him. He says thank Abhi, he said its imp for him that I forgive you. She hugs him and thanks. Neil thanks Abhi. Manjiri asks didn’t Akshu come. Abhi says its okay, she will come by her wish, we can’t force. Aarohi says I wish she also regarded me family. Abhi asks her to stay happy. She says entire family should have been there. Manish says Akshu and her family celebrated without you, you celebrate today without her, stay satisfied. Manjiri asks them to come in. Abhi says enough, I did what you said, it was the last thing. He plays dhol. Dhoom dhoom chak Ve Aaj mera jee karda….plays…

Everyone dances. Aarohi acts sad in front of Manjiri. She says Akshu should have come. Abhi senses Akshu and turns. Akshu also plays dhol and makes an entry. Everyone smiles. She dances with Abhi. The moment freezes. She asks Abhi to say what is he hiding. He says I can’t. She asks is Aarohi blackmailing you. He says I can’t say. Abhi says I will take Shivansh. Akshu says let me handle your tension. Abhi goes with Shivansh. Akshu gets angry and thinks I won’t leave Aarohi. She sees Aarohi going on a call. She thinks to find the truth. Mahima asks what are you hiding, Abhi kept a reception party, he gave his fav bike and got Manish’s forgiveness, Akshu and Abhi are dancing for you, what poison did you get that they don’t have antidote, how are you making Abhi fulfil your wish list. Aarohi says its his greatness. Mahima says shut up, I know Abhi well, why are you getting everything. Aarohi says my time has come. Mahima says don’t act oversmart with me, you are here because of me. She goes. Akshu looks on. Abhi sits talking to Shivansh.

Parth comes and says Shivansh you got cold, Shefali is your mum and I m your dad, I know everything, I prepared handling you before you were born. Abhi gets emotional. Parth says its special to become a dad, Shefali says right, Abhi you will become a good dad, Shivansh slept in your lap peacefully, he troubles me, take care of him, I will send Nanny. He goes. Abhi cries and says if Akshu can’t become a mum, then I won’t become a dad, I m feeling so strange, Akshu will feel terrible, I can’t tell her. Akshu says I feel so bad, Abhi would be so hurt. Neil says I wanted to thank you, you also got dhol, I hope you accepted Aarohi and me. Akshu says leave it, enjoy the function. Shefali asks Akshu to come and dance. Akshu takes Neil along. They all dance. Akshu asks Aarohi to dance. Aarohi thinks is it her plan, how is she behaving good with me. Akshu takes Aarohi’s phone and goes. Manjiri sees this. Aarohi checks the phone. Akshu says if Aarohi’s last dialled number is Abhi’s, then it will be confirmed that she is blackmailing Abhi, I knew it, its her. She checks the messages. She asks what are they hiding from me. Manjiri takes the phone and asks what are you doing, you got Aarohi’s phone, what are you finding in it, why. Aarohi comes to Abhi and says you can’t become dad ever, how sad, I m using your pain, you know it, but I feel bad for you. Abhi says come to the point. Aarohi says the last condition, Neil will be the new MD of Birla hospital. Abhi is shocked.

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