Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Written Update

Priya calling Manish. She says Akshu called me, she is coming to my place. Manish asks did she call you, let us know when she comes, we are much worried, take care of her. Abhi hears this and goes out. Manish says Akshu is in Pathankot, I m going to take her, will you come. He says if you come, then it will be good for you and her, sometimes when person thinks with a calm mind, he understands the matter, I think you should come. Abhi recalls Neil’s death. He signs no. Manish leaves.

Abhinav gets Akshu to his house. He says you are safe here, you don’t need to get scared here, this is my house, its on rent, sorry, I will get water for you, sorry, I told the police I m your husband. He asks her to have fruits and sandwich for baby’s sake. He says you can go to rest and call me out if you need my help, I will take you to your friend’s house tomorrow. She asks about his family. He says this is my family. He shows the empty frames. He says I am an orphan. She asks why did you put these empty frames. He says because I don’t have my parents’ pic, I m from Kasaulli, I m a supervisor in a tourist company, have this tea. He calls her Anchal. He says I request you to have something and sleep. He goes.

She eats the sandwich and drinks the tea. Its morning. Abhinav comes and calls her out. He gets her note. He worries. Inspector comes and asks where is your wife. Abhinav asks wife? Inspector says your pregnant wife, did she go for a walk again. A man comes. Abhinav says he is the landlord Mr. Verma. Inspector asks about Abhinav’s wife. Verma says you lied to me, I told you. Abhinav says I don’t have a wife, try to understand. He says my wife goes out anytime. Inspector says I understood, something is wrong. Verma scolds Abhinav. Inspector says you thought you will fool me, come with me to the police station. Verma says take him away, he lied to me. Akshu comes. Abhinav says my wife. He asks where did you go. She asks what’s the problem, I went for morning walk, is it a crime. Abhinav taunts the inspector.

He asks him to have tea and go. Inspector leaves. Verma asks why did you say you have a wife. Akshu says he was just helping me, I m not his wife, he will tell you the details later, I m going now. Verma asks for rent. He leaves. Abhinav asks where did you go. Akshu says I saw the police coming. He says thanks for help. She says double thanks for helping, I will go now. He says I will drop you, one last time. He says whenever I meet someone, a relation is made, once I drop you to your friend’s place, I don’t have to worry. They come to Priya’s house. He asks are you fine. She nods. He says stay fine always. She says thanks, you are really a good man. He says take care, sorry, you don’t let your family frames get empty, sorry, nothing is imp than family, if possible, then go back to your family, bye, this is our last meet, I won’t say goodbye, we might meet again.

She sees Manish with Priya. She stops hearing Manish saying about Abhi. He says Abhi has changed a lot, he doesn’t want to see Akshu. Manish turns. Priya asks him to have water. He says no, I can’t have water until I meet Akshu, I can’t see her in this state. Akshu leaves. Servant sees her. Priya says she will come. Akshu thinks of Abhi. Manish says I have to meet Akshu. Servant says a girl was there outside. Manish runs and shouts Akshu. He says she saw me and left. Akshu sees Abhinav. She asks why are you after me. He says I m a nice man. She asks do nice men follow girls. He says no, I can’t leave you in the middle of this problem, I was waiting here to know if your friend will help or not. She says I went there, why shall I tell you everything. He says life is to live. She worries. Abhi is with Manjiri. Harsh says I m with her. Abhi says thanks. Harsh says don’t say thanks, I had a relation with her. He sits there. Abhi goes for the surgery. He sees the patient and recalls Neil. He asks the doctor to go and call Mahima. Mahima comes and asks what happened. She asks him to go, she will take over. He goes out.

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