Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Akshu caressing Abhi. She takes a pic with him. Teri ore dil… Maan jaana….plays… Akshu thinks hospital has centralized AC, but its so hot here because of Abhi, thanks Kanha for giving me this hot potato, I will tell him he is so special when he wakes up. She sees a girl staring at Abhi and smiling. She gets angry and signs her to go. The girl doesn’t listen. Akshu shows her mangalsutra and asks her to go. The girl goes. Akshu sits back and wards off bad sight. Rohan comes and asks her to come. He says your patient has come for an emergency, I feel he is crazy. Akshu says don’t say that. He says I will tell Gabbar Singh when he wakes up, sorry. She goes. Abhi wakes up and says I slept for long, Akshu might have not come here, I will go and get ready. She meets the man Sanjay. He gives the file. She asks what’s bothering you.

He says my GF left me, loneliness is bothering me, there should be someone right, my friend showed me the hospital site, you are really right. She says you don’t need my help, you need a psychiatrist. He says you are so beautiful. He holds her hand. Akshu says leave my hand and go. Abhi comes and beats the man. He asks Akshu to call the security. Akshu calls the guards. He asks the guards to take the man away. He asks who was that man, did you see him before. He talks to Akshu. She says we will meet near the reading corner. He says I will change and come, you look really pretty. He thinks I feel good seeing you, why does it hurt when there is love. She thinks why is this distance there. He says I can’t tolerate more. He thinks you will never go away from me. She thinks promise, there will be just love between us, nothing else.

Some men come to the hospital, injured. The man says its an accident case. The man Sanjay also enters there. Akshu chats with Manjiri. Abhi gets ready and comes. He collides with Rohan. He tickles Rohan. Rohan says I think Gabbar got Basanti. Sanjay takes a tool from the medical instruments tray. He goes. Abhi comes to Akshu. Jaaniye….plays…. Sanjay attacks her. Abhi moves her away. Abhi asks Akshu to go the lobby. He runs after Sanjay. Sanjay hides. Abhi looks for him. Sanjay shows the gas cylinder knob. He ignites the lighter. Abhi says don’t do this, come out and talk, there are kids, patients, staff and doctors there, do anything with me, come out, don’t do this, I promise no one will tell you anything, come with me. Sanjay leaks the gas and throws the lighter. Abhi and Sanjay jump away. Akshu comes there. The cylinder blasts. Everyone worries.

Rohan says a blast occurred in the north wing. Anand asks him to call the fire brigade. They all rush to see. Abhi wakes up and sees the fire. Akshu is also stuck there. She calls out Abhi. Abhi says thank God Akshu isn’t here, what about the patients and doctors in this wing. He sees the crowd outside. Akshu says I hope everyone stays safe. The trapped people shout for help. Anand says I have to go inside. Neil and Aarohi also try to help. Anand says switch off the gas supply and mains, quick. Abhi kneels and goes out. He rescues the people and takes them. Akshu also helps some people. Abhi stops there and turns. he doesn’t see Akshu. Neil makes Aarohi away from the fire. Anand says ask the ward boys to just prepare the beds in the other wing for the patient. He asks them to get the immobile patient. They see Abhi getting that patient by pushing the bed. Abhi falls down. Anand asks are you fine. Abhi says smoke, I m fine. Anand asks is everything inside. Abhi says no, everyone is coming, where is Akshu. Ward boy says she was with you. Abhi says I asked her to not come after me. Anand says I hope she is safe.

Abhi looks for Akshu. He gets her bracelet. He sees Akshu and goes to rescue. They both fall down.

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