Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Kartik making Sirat ready. Bol na hal ke….plays… He says we should go to hospital first. She says Ranvir took a bullet for me, I can go by taking the punch, if I faint, then lift me and take me to Ranvir, he did a lot for my love, its my turn to keep it. Chauhan says don’t become mad, everyone will be ruined, who will marry Nidhi, tell me, why do you drag them in our fight. Ranvir throws the gun and says this is the difference between you and me, call your men and ask them to leave from there. Chauhan calls Rathod and says leave from there right away. Ranvir says from now, if you trouble anyone around me, then remember, I will not leave you. Sirat clicks her pic to send Ranvir. She cries seeing the wounds. He says bride doesn’t look good when she cries, you look very pretty, stop crying. He applies her kajal. He holds her hand. Ranvir comes to the resort. Everyone sees him. Manish says I don’t know your and your father’s issues, but whatever he did with me and my family, he has to pay a price for this, he tried to ruin my respect. Ranvir says as you feel right.

Suwarna says don’t do anything until Sirat gets married. Kairav says we will fix this mandap together. He asks Ranvir to help. Suwarna asks Manish not to worry, she risked her life for his watch, its his turn to make her day memorable. Nani asks Ranvir to call Sirat and Kartik, when will they come. Sirat faints. Kartik holds her. Ranvir calls him and asks is Sirat fine, what happened, is the match over. He sits in shock. Nani asks is Sirat fine. Kartik brings Sirat in his arms. Ranvir sees her. He runs to her and takes her from Kartik. He looks at Sirat’s injuries. Gayu calls a doctor. Doctor checks Sirat. She says there is no internal injury. Kartik asks are you sure, she got much hurt. Doctor says yes, give her medicines, she will be okay. She goes. Ranvir asks did Chauhan do this, Kartik tell me. Kartik says yes, you are right. Ranvir says he played a good game, he made me stuck in raid here, he tried to take Sirat’s life there. Kartik asks raid? Ranvir says I will not leave Chauhan.

Sirat stops him. He says let me go, let the decision happen today. She says marry me if you want to defeat him. He says I will marry but first I will teach him a lesson. Kartik says mahurat is of new start, but old things, Sirat has come here directly for the marriage, nothing else matters than love. Ranvir nods. He says sorry Sirat, Kartik is saying right, I will deal with Chauhan later, but how will we marry in this state. Sirat asks why, don’t you accept injured bride, I told Kartik that you won’t marry me, I m not looking more beautiful. Ranvir says I didn’t see a more beautiful girl than you in my entire life. She says then marry me, right now. Saroj says Sirat, I m sorry for Chauhan’s doings. Sirat says its not your mistake, you had to stay away from your son for two years, I m sorry. Saroj blesses them to live happily. She requests everyone not to punish Ranvir and Sirat for Chauhan’s sake. Suwarna says they are part of our family also, prepare for marriage. Ranvir says one thing is still left. Kartik asks what’s left now.

Ranvir and Sirat say thanks Kartik. Kartik says no need for this. Ranvir says its needed, friend. Kartik jokes. Everyone smiles. Kairav says mahurat is passing, pandit told this 50times. Kartik asks where is pandit ji. Kairav says he went to have food, will we get bored till now. Kartik says no, we will sing and dance. Kartik dances on Dholak pe taal hai…. Kartik holds Sirat and Ranvir’s hands. Vansh and Kairav get the garlands. Sirat’s mauli breaks. Sirat and Ranvir exchange garlands. Yeh rishta….plays….They sit in the mandap. Kartik goes. Sirat looks for him.