Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd May 2023 Written Episode Written Update

Abhi and Akshu rushing to take the pic. They see Abhi’s solo pic. Abhir says I understood, you got oh no seeing the old pic. Ruhi runs to see Abhi’s pic. Abhir asks when did you get married when you wanted to marry Aarohi. Abhinav says Abhi had to become a groom for fashion show. He makes a story. Abhi says yes, I had to do it. Aarohi tears Akshu and Abhi’s pic. Abhinav says life means present, Abhir, you and I are here. Akshu says we have to hide this from Abhir.

Abhi thinks I feel scared that Abhir might learn this and get unwell. Abhinav gets Neela’s voice note. Neela says Muskaan agreed to meet the guy, the guy’s family wants to meet her tomorrow, you and Akshu handle it. Akshu says I will tell Manish to make arrangements, don’t worry. He thanks her. The man says lets make this evening more fun. He calls Birla family to sing. Aarohi and Ruhi refuse. Abhi says I can’t sing. Abhir says come on, doc man. Abhi goes and sings Dil ko tumse pyaar hua….

Abhir and Ruhi clap for him and hug. Abhi comes back and gets seated. Abhinav says you sing well. Abhi says you are joking. Abhinav says really. Abhir asks Akshu to sing. She nods. Akshu goes to sing. She sits and plays guitar. She asks what shall I sing. The man says sing your husband’s fav song. She asks Abhinav to say. Abhinav says I like old songs, Piya tose…. She sings. Abhi recalls the past. Everyone claps for Akshu. Abhi sits sad. Aarohi thinks I have to protect my family. Abhir says mumma is the best singer.

Manjiri gets the camp pics. She says they look good together. She gets shocked seeing Akshu and says she reached there also. Shefali comes and says I have to divorce Parth for Shivansh’s betterment. The man tells about the next round. Ruhi asks will we win. Abhi says don’t worry, we will win. Akshu says Manish will handle everything. Suwarna and Manish ask Kairav to get sweets. Kairav goes. Surekha sees Muskaan. The man says the kids have to pick a chit and complete the activity with the other family. Ruhi refuses. Abhi says don’t worry, I m here. Abhir picks a chit. Akshu, Aarohi and Abhi pray. Abhir smiles and says doc man, we are in one team. Abhi gets happy.

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