Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Kartik saying where did you go Sirat, where shall I find you. Nani appears. She asks did you not tell her about my last wish. He says she didn’t give me a chance to say. She says if you had told her, then she would have not left. He wakes up from this dream. He stops the alarm. He sees Naira’s pic and say good morning. He gets Kairav’s voice message. He says we all will meet soon, I will click a outside view and send the pic. He looks outside. Its been six months. Kartik clicks the pic. He gets Naksh’s call. Naksh says all the best, its your meeting with the investor. Kartik says thanks, don’t worry.

Naksh says everyone hopes that you will get the investor onboard, Akhilesh was telling Manish that Kartik chooses investors sensibly, talk to the client politely, don’t get angry this time, it depends on you, once this deal gets final, old days will be back. Kartik says I m trying to recover past losses and make new profits. Naksh says I m telling about the relations we lost, you and Manish don’t talk, we don’t like. Kartik recalls Manish scolding him and asking him not to bring losses by doing anything wrong. Kartik takes his blessings. FB ends. Kartik pours tea on his hand. Naksh asks all okay. Kartik says no, since the past six months.. Naksh asks do you want to cancel the meeting. Kartik says no, everything will be fine, I will talk to dad. Naksh asks any news about Sirat. Kartik says I got late for the meeting, I will leave, I will come back and give you the good news. Naksh says all the best, bye. Kartik imagines Sirat.

Sirat lives as Simran, working at a florist’ shop. A lady asks are the flowers ready for Arjun’s birthday. She argues with her husband. Sirat smiles. Sirat gives the bouquet and asks her to check once. The lady says you have made this well, you go and give it to them. Sirat gets hurt by a thorn. Kartik also gets hurt by a thorn. He sees the boxing match on tv. He recalls Sirat. Sirat also sees the same boxing match on tv. She says I don’t like this game. The lady says yes, its not good, how would Simran like this game, when no one heard her loud tone, how will she punch anyone, she is different.

The man says its a boring life, life means to stay happy, celebrate it. Simran says philosophy is right, it doesn’t apply to everyone, many people have more sorrow than happiness. She goes to deliver the bouquets. A guy stops her. She says leave my way. He troubles her. He asks her to tell the secrets and accept him. The man says Vishal, take the flowers and money, if you tease this girl, then I will call the police. He calls out the police and complains about Vishal. Inspector says you are boxing champion Sirat, you are accused for killing your husband, you didn’t go for the hearing. The man asks what’s happening. The lady says we trusted you and hired you, you lied to us. They ask Sirat to go away. Sirat’s imagination ends. She stops the man from calling police. She goes. She recalls Kartik. She misses everyone and says I did right to leave from their lives. The Goenka ladies get their pic clicked. Manish says ladies run the ladies division, they are getting the pics clicked. Kairav says Akshu will also work there, I will support her. Manish says I wish my son was sensible like Kairav. Kairav says he is sensible and good, he is your son. Kartik recalls Sirat.

Kairav asks why are you upset, is it because of Sirat, he supported his friend, what’s wrong. Suwarna asks Kairav and Vansh to focus on studies. They go. Manish says kids are also talking in her favor, I stopped talking to my son. Suwarna says he isn’t in touch with Sirat, you aren’t talking, keep some patience, everything will get fine. Manish goes. Dadi prays. Vishal follows Sirat. Kartik sees Sirat’s letter. The man explains work to Sirat. She calls the abroad agency. Kartik is connected on the line. He hears Sirat’s voice.