Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Abhimanyu saying this is professional, I value my profession and hospital. Aarohi says fine, you are a doctor, how can you hide the truth from a patient. He says its wrong. Akshu says Aarohi is blackmailing Abhi, he didn’t want Neil to marry Aarohi. Manjiri says Aarohi is wrong, but she is trying to change, we should support her, you are making a mistake in this, Abhi is doing this for Neil, he isn’t helpless, focus on your family. Abhi says I can’t decide this alone, who will become the hospital MD, board members will decide, Neil has no experience to handle this position, I can’t decide such a thing that family gets questioned. She says think well, you can lose your wife while saving the hospital. Akshu says I m worried for Abhi, so I m trying to find out, I m not doubting Aarohi, I care for Abhi. Manjiri says Abhi worries because of you, why are you changing, we have expectations from you, I feel too sad. She goes. Aarohi says tell me, do you want MD position or your wife. Abhi says I won’t do this. She says do it for Akshu, if she knows the truth, then she will shatter, sign the papers, you will get time, you can prepare Akshu gradually, name MD position to Neil, you decide it now, is Akshu imp for you or not, think, take some time, else I will tell Akshu the truth of her medical condition. She goes. Abhi gets sad. Akshu comes there. Abhi says I was looking for Shivansh’s toy, these are hospital papers, I will keep it safe. Akshu asks him to come. He says you feel worried, did anything happen, are you fine. She says just some headache, nothing. He asks her to take rest in the room. Shefali comes to Manjiri.

Shefali asks why are you lost. Manjiri says everything is fine. Shefali says you can tell me. Manjiri says its nothing new, it happens always, parents scold children and then they feel bad, especially when sensible children make such mistake and scolding is necessary. Shefali says you explain with love, don’t worry. Manjiri says I will talk when this function ends. Shefali asks her to smile, and come soon. Manjiri says I feel bad when I scold Akshu, why did she do this, don’t know I m feeling. Abhi takes care of Akshu. She says you are in tension. He says no, I m fine, don’t worry, take care of yourself, shall I give you medicine. She says no. He says I will get your fav strawberry milkshake. He sees the papers. He says I will give these papers to Anand.

Akshu says Aarohi has some connection with those papers, I m sure. Parth clicks Neil and Aarohi’s pic. Aarohi looks at Abhi. Nishta gets her phone. Aarohi asks where did you get it. Nishta says it was fallen down, Manjiri saw it, come, we will take family pics. Aarohi thanks her. Akshu asks Aarohi to just come with her. She slaps Aarohi. She shows the papers and scolds her. Akshu recalls seeing Abhi hide the papers in the library. She takes the papers and checks. FB ends. She says you are blackmailing my Abhi, you made a mistake, I told you, I won’t tolerate this, you always fall down.

Anand asks Manish to come to study and read any book he likes. Abhi asks them to have food, he will get the books. Anand says but… Akshu says you will never change, I will bring your truth and these papers in front of the entire family, your drama will end today. Abhi doesn’t find the papers. Aarohi says your Abhi’s secret is also connected, ask him, why was he getting blackmailed, something that only I know, he didn’t want to tell you, didn’t you feel strange that Abhi is listening to me. Abhi asks Nishta did you see the papers. She says no. He asks the servant. He says I don’t know. He asks Manjiri. Neil asks where is Aarohi. She says she was here. He says her friend came to meet you. Abhi thinks did Aarohi take the papers. Aarohi says you don’t want to know what he is hiding. Akshu says we will see that, you worry for yourself. Aarohi says hear your truth, you want to become a mum, sadly your medical conditions aren’t good, your pregnancy can have many complications, Abhi is hiding this truth that its tough for you to conceive. Akshu gets shocked. Aarohi says you forced to say this, Abhi knows this, he was hiding this, you had a bike accident, you got internal injury, if you get pregnant, then your life will be under threat, you wanted to spoil your life, try to hold your shattered life, all the best. She goes. Akshu cries. Aarohi sees Abhi and gets scared. Abhi looks on angrily.

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