Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Abhi sensing Akshu and going. Jaaniye…plays… She cries. Manish says Abhi also wants the same, his family will save Abhi somehow. Aarohi says Abhi’s medical license will get cancelled forever. Akshu recalls his words. She cries. Harsh and everyone come home. Harsh says everything will be ruined. Abhi says you care for the hospital, not me. Harsh argues with him. He asks Anand to explain Abhi. Abhi asks Harsh to take Akshara’s name with manners. Neil says we will tell them that she just came to wish you birthday. Harsh says I will involve her in this case, I will drag her to the court and make her testify, Birla hospital and you, I will save both. Abhi says if you get her to the court, then I will accept that I did wrong with Ruby, you know I got this stubbornness from you, I will handle media, police, jury, everything alone, I won’t let Akshu’s name come. He goes. Akshu cries and plays the guitar.

Abhi goes to cycling. He cries. He throws the cycle and kicks it. Its morning, Dadi prays at the temple. She says we should have got Akshu along. Aarohi says she should be at home, nothing will happen to her. She goes to the car to get the phone. Manjiri stops her and says I came here to pray for Abhi, Lord has sent you here, help me, save Abhi. Aarohi asks what can I do. Manjiri says convince Akshu to say the truth, just you can do this, I beg you. Aarohi says don’t do this, fine, I will talk to Akshu, I promise nothing will happen to Abhi. Manjiri thanks her and goes. Abhi meditates. He says Akshu’s name shouldn’t come in this. Akshu prays. He says sometimes we have to become a culprit to save an innocent, I can’t let Abhi’s medical license get cancelled, he is ready to risk hi entire life to save me, I will give an answer for his innocence. Manish says I know you are feeling bad, but we should stay away from this. Akshu thinks sorry. He takes the car keys and goes by the back door. Dadi and Aarohi come home. Dadi says I will give prasad to Akshu. Aarohi thinks I should talk to her and ask her to save Abhi’s career and reputation. Akshu sits in the car. She gets shocked seeing Kairav in the back seat. He asks her to go inside the house. Akshu thinks sorry Abhi.

Abhi faces the jury. Ruby acts and lies to them. Her dad says she was unwell and went to meet Abhi, how dare he misbehave with a minister’s daughter, it means he can do wrong with anyone, Abhi shouldn’t get spared, our govt. will take strict action against this hospital. Harsh thinks if anything happens, then I will not leave the Goenkas and Akshu. Manjiri and Neil worry at home. She prays. Abhi says I don’t have to tell anything. Harsh says I have to say. Anand stops Harsh. The man says sorry Abhi, the proof is against you, its the last chance for your defense, tell us if you have any proof, else we will believe Ruby. Akshu comes and says it not the truth. O kanha….plays…. Abhi turns and looks at her.

Harsh, Anand and Mahima smile seeing her. Akshu says I will tell the truth. Abhi thinks stop there. She thinks I didn’t come to stop. He asks her to stop, did she go mad. She says you are innocent. They argue. He asks why did you come here when you don’t love me, why did you come to save me. She says because I…. Jaaniye….plays…

Manish says I made prepared chocolate pancakes for the children, call them. Suwarna says you scold them and then get pancakes. Manish says I love them, call them. Suwarna asks Vansh to call them. Manish says don’t waste time. Vansh says Akshu is sleeping, she asked us not to disturb. Akhilesh says you are lying, did she lock herself. Vansh says she isn’t at home. Manish asks where did she go, she didn’t do this right. Abhi stops Akshu. She goes ahead. She says I m really sorry to come this way, but its imp, I know the truth of this case, I m the only witness. Mahima thinks emotional people like Akshu can come to help, I like such people. Abhi asks Kairav why didn’t you stop her. Kairav says I stopped her, but she convinced me. Abhi asks what did she tell you. FB recalls Akshu saying Abhi is ruining himself in love, I m seeing this, its also wrong, I m ready to ruin myself for his sake. FB ends. Kairav says forget it. Abhi is asked to sit. Akshu says I was in Abhi’s cabin that day when Ruby came there, nothing happened there, Ruby is lying. Ruby’s dad scolds her. Harsh says Akshu can come to say the truth. They argue. The man asks them to calm down, what was she doing there.