Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Kartik coming to Sirat and asking her not to cry. She says no, I m confused. He says don’t see what’s leaving behind, see what’s calling you ahead, this house is of your friend, you can come anytime and meet us. She asks will you forget me. He says don’t know, I won’t, you will forget us due to Ranvir’s love. She says no way. They both promise. He gets a gift for her. She sees the angel bracelet. She says this broke, I remember, I kept it in the drawer. He says I had seen it and got it repaired. She wears it. Dhaage me moti jaisa….plays… He takes her bags. Nani asks are you happy, right. Sirat says yes. She jokes. She says I m feeling sad, but I m not getting tears, maybe because I completely trust Ranvir, or because I m not scared that everything will change in my life, still I will try. She tries to cry. She laughs.

She thanks everyone for giving her much love. Kairav asks did you take the boxing gloves and shoes. Sirat says I forgot. He asks shall I get. Suwarna and Gayu ask him to let it be, Sirat will come to take it. Sirat says yes, I will keep coming, look uncle got stressed. Manish smiles. Suwarna says take it when you come tomorrow for pagphere. Kairav makes special collage card for Sirat. She reads his poem. He says I love you and hugs. She asks for a kerchief. Kartik gives his kerchief. Sirat says Kairav’s name should always be shining, your gift is the best. Ranvir says so Mrs. Sirat Ranvir Chauhan, come. Kartik asks them to go within mahurat. Sirat and Ranvir meet all the elders. Manish says I m blessing. Sirat says sorry for my mistakes, don’t keep anyone in your heart.

Manish asks her to forget everything and stay happy. Sirat does boxing. She says bride throws rice behind to save her house from negativity, I m not from this house, so I made this unique rasam, I had punched and knocked out negativity here. Suwarna says its a good rasam. Kartik says we will miss your punch. He says you don’t worry, Amma is my responsibility. Ranvir and Sirat leave. She says stop the car. She gets the down and runs to Kartik. Kartik asks what happened. Sirat says your kerchief. He asks did you come to return this. She says yes, we shouldn’t keep someone’s kerchief. He asks who says so, you are crazy. Suwarna says you came to give this kerchief. Ranvir says I thought she changed the decision and came back to Kartik and you all. Kartik unites their hands and ties with the kerchief. Ranvir says you did right, now she can’t come back to you. Suwarna asks Sirat to handle things and stay happy. Kartik asks them to go now. They leave. Ranvir says don’t do this again, I was so scared. She says shut up, I won’t go anywhere leaving you. Kairav cries. Suwarna says we shall have icecream. Kairav says I don’t want to. Manish says we shall go on a long drive, just two of us, me and Kairav.

Kairav says I know what you are trying, my mood isn’t better, give me some time, I will also get habitual with time, go to your rooms and change, rest also, I m also going to my room, Vansh is with me. Suwarna stops Kartik. Kartik worries and goes. Kairav says Kartik would be missing Sirat, she would be missing us also. Ranvir says I can’t believe that we got married, you are the world’s most beautiful bride and I m the world’s most lucky husband. They reach home. She says your love is enough. He says there is much love. He stops her outside and does her grahpravesh. Sun mere humsafar….plays…. He lifts her and takes her inside. Sirat thinks of Kartik. Ranvir helps her in removing the jewellery. Lights flicker. He goes to see. Kartik thinks of Sirat. He says she is a nice person, don’t give her any pain, she has already tolerated a lot. Ranvir sees Sirat asleep. He smiles and lies next to her. He sleeps. Sirat thinks of Kartik. She wakes up and says Kartik….