Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th December 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Abhi saying I will pray alone and handle things, I know we both can’t tolerate this, we should let few days pass, I will make some excuse, don’t worry, rest. Akshu says I will also get blessing, please don’t snatch my hope and devotion, we are elder, we should bless Neil and Aarohi for their baby. They cry and go downstairs. Aarohi comes to Manish. She says I want your special blessings, it’s a big thing for me, you can stay angry on me, I want the blessings for my baby. Manish hugs Aarohi and Neil. They smile. Manish blesses them. Manjiri says all the preparations are done. Manish sees Abhi and Akshu, and says there is something bothering them. Kairav says maybe they are worried since so many things are happening at once. Manish says yes, I wish everything happens well and they stay happy. Manjiri asks Akshu are you ready for rasam. Abhi asks Akshu to refuse. Akshu says yes, I m ready. She sits in front of Aarohi. Manjiri and Suwarna make them wear the chunris. They all talk about Akshu’s pregnancy. Akshu starts crying. Aarohi and Abhi look at her. Dadi guides the rituals to Akshu. Dadi and everyone bless Aarohi and Akshu. Dadi asks Akshu to find a suhaagan girl for her, she has to do this rasam for her very soon. Suwarna says we will wait for your good news. Abhi says enough, she can’t tolerate this. Manjiri also blesses them. She says I will pray that Akshu’s baby is sensible like her. Abhi says end all this now. Manjiri says I m waiting for the time when you come and give us this good news. Abhi shouts please Maa enough. Everyone looks on.

Abhi asks Manjiri to stop talking about the baby. She asks what wrong did I say. Abhi says its Neil and Aarohi’s day, focus on them, not on Akshu and my baby. Harsh asks what happened, why are you overreacting, Manjiri just blessed her. Abhi says I m talking to my mum now. Manjiri asks what’s wrong, doesn’t Akshu want to become a mum. Abhi says end this now. Manish says I m seeing it since long, Abhi is worried for something, tell us what is it. Anand asks Abhi to say it. Manjiri asks Abhi to say.

Suwarna asks Akshu to say. Kairav asks won’t you tell us. Vansh asks what happened. Manish asks Abhi to say what is it. Akshu cries and gets up. Abhi goes and hugs her. Abhi calms her down. Manjiri asks what happened, what did I ask, please tell me what’s the matter, swear on me. Akshu says doctors have told that my pregnancy can have risky complications, Abhi and I can never become parents. Everyone is shocked.

Suwarna asks how did this happen. He says she met with an accident, she got internal injuries, its hard for her to conceive, if she does then she has a risk to her life. Manjiri recalls Akshu’s words and cries. She hugs Akshu. Neil hugs Abhi. Aarohi thinks Akshu spoiled my special day, I just hope that the matter doesn’t come on me. Akshu says sorry Aarohi and Neil, I didn’t want this to happen, rasam got complete. She leaves. Manjiri hugs Abhi and says you should have told me, you were going through this big pain, I m a bad mum, I didn’t see my children in pain. Manjiri and Harsh wipe Abhi’s tears. Abhi says thanks, I will go to Akshu. Manish asks him to take care of himself also. Abhi comes to his room and sees Akshu hiding herself under a sheet. He recalls his words.

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