Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Kartik asking are you done. Sirat says you didn’t do this right. Akshu laughs. Kartik laughs and says she is laughing on you, I have to go for work, can you handle her. Sirat says yes, she should have no problem. He says I will go, take care. He thinks to ask her what she wanted to say. He goes. Sirat plays with Akshu. Sheela enjoys the mangoes. Rhea comes and asks her for the secret. Sheela asks do you think I m mad. Rhea says yes, you are mad, you would have taken money and left by now. Sheela says I would have not enjoyed, what’s the hurry, have patience. Rhea scolds her. Sheela says I will take you along if I leave. Rhea goes and hears Dadi asking about Akshu. Suwarna says she is with Sirat. Kartik says yes, I have left her there, Sirat was worried, she will feel good playing with Akshu. Rhea says I would have got the baby if Sirat didn’t come in between, once Sheela tells the truth, Sirat can’t show her face to anyone.

Sonu bonds with Kairav and Vansh. Kairav says guests are special, you can play with anything, don’t take toy without asking and don’t break. Sonu promises. Kairav asks did your mum and dad had any fight. Sonu says no. Kartik comes and hears this. Sonu recalls Sheela’s words. He says yes, they had a fight, we are not allowed to talk about elders. Kairav says sorry. Vansh says I think he is fooling us. Kairav says he will also become a fool of himself. Sirat plays with Akshu. Sirat hears a sound and goes out to see. She comes back and doesn’t see Akshu. She asks Nani where is she. Nani says she was playing with you. Kartik comes and says I have come to take Akshu, its time to feed her. Sirat says she isn’t here. He asks where will she go, did Kairav come to take her. They go to see.

Kartik goes home and shouts Kairav. They tell that Akshu isn’t there. Kartik calls the staff. He asks did anyone see Akshu. Dadi asks Sirat what happened. Sirat tells them. Suwarna asks how did you leave the baby alone. Everyone worries. Rhea says I don’t believe her, something is missing, Akshu can’t go herself. Dadi says its Kartik’s mistake to leave baby with Sirat, she isn’t a mum to know how to take care of kids. Manish says but you think she is great, Kartik thinks she is a perfect match, she will become his kids’ mum. Rhea says Suwarna is sensible to handle kids, I didn’t leave Akshu alone, Sirat is marrying, but her attention isn’t on kids. Kartik says enough Rhea. He asks staff to find out Akshu. The family also rush to find Akshu.

He shouts I just want my baby. Sirat cries. Rhea says if anything happens to Akshu, what will happen with you. Everyone looks for Akshu. Kartik says I left Akshu here, where is she, I will find you. Sirat comes and says sorry. He goes. She says Akshu can’t go on her own, someone took her, who can it be. She recalls Rhea’s words. Kartik asks Lav and Kush did they find anything. They say no. Akhilesh says there is nothing seen in the cctv footage. Kartik says its my mistake, Dadi is right. Everyone is tensed. Dadi panics. Rhea takes care of Dadi. She asks Dadi not to worry, she will find Akshu. Sirat looks on. She hides and follows Rhea. Everyone is still finding Akshu. A beggar says I have seen a girl giving this baby to some man, he was a tall bald man. Kartik thanks him. Manish asks what do you mean, will you stop finding. He asks staff to go. Manish says I will not leave Sirat. Rhea goes out. Sirat follows. Lav asks Kartik to see Akshu. Kartik shouts Akshu. He runs after the auto. Sirat comes and says where did Rhea go, maybe she is still inside, I doubt that she did this.