Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th June 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Ranvir thinking why didn’t Sirat return the necklace. He goes. Kartik says it looks good on you, be it things or feelings, it reaches those who value it, we shall go home now, everyone has done much preparations. Sirat goes to Ranvir. He sits upset. She asks why are you upset, tell me. He asks why didn’t you return the necklace. She says I refused, but Kartik didn’t agree, he said I should keep it. They argue. He says I also respect Kartik, we are one now, our thinking and decisions should be one, none should come between it. She says no one is coming between us, Kartik is my friend. He says you should return this necklace. She says he may feel bad. He says maybe he feels bad, fine, next time, be careful. She nods. She kisses him. He says anyone can see. She says so what, I m the wife. He hugs her.

Kartik plays a word game with the family. Ranvir and Sirat come and join the game. Kairav says we will start a new game. He asks Ranvir about Sirat. Ranvir says wife. Kartik says emptiness, I mean empty boxes of the sweets, I will just come. He goes. Sirat says Kartik got upset, I will go and see. Manish says Kartik’s life has much emptiness. Suwarna says I wish we could do something. Sirat hears this. She goes to Kartik. Kartik sees Naira’s pic. She says I spoke to Naira ji, you don’t look good like this, you shouldn’t get knock out by the situation of life, you have to be strong. He says you are a fighter, you know that physical wounds heal soon, but the wounds on the heart doesn’t heal, it always hurts. She says I have a solution for this. Nani calls her. He asks Sirat to go. He gets hurt by her hand. He says you got married, this thing is still going on, its all fine, I will apply the ointment and come. He goes.

Sirat talks to Naira’s pic. She says its my promise, its my responsibility to fill his loneliness, I will talk to him soon. Kartik comes and asks her to come. Ranvir and Sirat try to find the ring in the rasam. Kartik asks Ranvir not to lose today, he will get many chances to lose to his wife. Kairav cheers up Sirat. Yeh rishta kya…. plays…. Ranvir finds the ring. Sirat makes a face. Kartik says good job. Sirat says I already got the ring and left it for him. Kartik says very good to say such a dialogue. She says I will see you. Suwarna says Kartik, you changed side soon. Kartik says don’t make me feel guilty, tell me what to do now. Sirat asks really. He says yes. She says swear it by touching my hands. He says no, you may ask something big. She says no, I will think well. Suwarna asks what will Sirat ask. Vansh says she will ask for xbox. Gayu says ask him to sing. Sirat says you get married. Everyone gets shocked.

Chauhan says if anyone asks about my son, tell them that he is no more. Saroj gets shocked. She recalls Ranvir. He says if a son can say that his dad is dead for him, then even a dad can say it. Saroj gets dizzy near the staircase. Nidhi comes and shouts. Saroj falls. Chauhan turns to see. Kartik asks Sirat to come to senses. She says I m in my senses. He says then you need a punch. She says I will take ten punches, but you agree for the marriage. He asks are you joking. She says no, I m saying this seriously, you promised me. He asks what did I promise. Ranvir and Sirat insist him. Kartik says promise. Sirat asks him to promise that he will marry. He says I promise to get married. Manish and everyone smile.

Kartik says there is a condition, I should like the girl. She says I will get the girl of your choice. Surekha says thanks for thinking about him, you can’t find a girl of his standards. Sirat says I have to make his life perfect like he made my life perfect, I will find an amazing girl for him, his emptiness will get away. She asks Ranvir to dance with her. They dance. Mere yaar ki shaadi hai….plays… Manish gets emotional and hugs Kartik. Kartik hugs Manish and Suwarna. He thinks I did the promise, but I can’t keep it, I was marrying Sirat for Kairav’s sake, but I can’t like anyone, I won’t marry. Manish says Sirat did it. Suwarna says yes, I wish we find a perfect girl for Kartik. Nidhi calls Ranvir. He asks what… Sirat asks what happened. He says mum fell down the stairs, she is taken to the hospital.