Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th April 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Sirat saying its Akshu’s socks, she was wearing it when she was here. Manish says maybe someone took her. Kartik worries. Sirat says maybe she was crawling and left this sock. Kartik says my daughter can’t crawl. Sirat says why don’t you believe me, I had called you that time to show her crawling. They argue. She asks why can’t anyone else be right. Kartik goes with police. Sirat prays that Akshu comes and cries. Akshu wakes up and makes a sound. Sirat goes to see. She sees Akshu and shouts. Kartik and everyone run to see. Sirat shouts Akshu to them. Sirat asks Akshu to crawl and show his dad, he doesn’t believe her. Akshu crawls to them. Everyone smiles.

Sirat and Kartik hug Akshu. He says Akshu started crawling, I didn’t know, sorry, don’t get angry on me, I love you a lot Akshu. Kairav says we will celebrate this with a party, Naira had celebrated my crawling as well. Suwarna says we will do the anklet ritual first. Sirat cries recalling everyone’s words. She goes. Kartik goes after her. She says cancel the marriage, I m not confident that I can handle your kids. She leaves. Nani asks shall I talk to her. Kartik says no, I will talk to her. Dadi and everyone are happy with Akshu. Gayu says I told you that Naira will find Akshu. Suwarna says we had blamed her. Manish says she had lost her. Suwarna says anyone can make a mistake. Manish says you will always defend her. Dadi says take care of Akshu, we will celebrate today. Rhea looks on. Sirat does skipping. Kartik comes and catches the rope to stop her.

She says its my mistake, if anything happened to her, then I would have died. He says stop it now, it was not your fault. She says I can’t handle it. He says when Naira left me, I couldn’t handle kids and then I learnt, this happens with every parent. She says I m not their mum. He says fine, don’t become their mum, be Sirat, guide and support them in your way, they need someone dear, you don’t need to prove anyone, you love them and take care of them, I have seen it, my kids will be happy with you, I know their childhood will be good, you know the lacking of a mother well, even if you want to go, then you can cancel the marriage, you are free. He talks like her and says I didn’t understand why my daughter went crawling to you, maybe she also knows good people.

Everyone waits for Sirat. Nani says maybe she doesn’t know, you do it. Dadi and Suwarna perform the rituals. Kartik thinks our daughter started crawling, Naira, I know you were so eager for this rasam. Dadi asks Kartik to make Akshu wear the anklet. Sirat comes and joins him. Yeh rishta kya…..plays…

Kartik asks Sirat to do it. Sirat makes Akshu wear the anklet. Kairav says my sister is the cutest. Kartik sings yeh rishta…. Everyone showers flowers on Akshu. Everyone dances. Sheela looks on and says I will go and sleep. She asks Sonu to come with her, let them dance. Nani blesses Sirat. Kartik asks Akshu to come to him. Akshu cries. Sirat says she doesn’t want to come to you. Kartik gets a message. He says be ready in the morning, we will go to your new coach. She worries. He says don’t worry, this time, I have found out everything, I will come along until I feel you will be safe there, I know you don’t need me.