Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update

Kairav asks Arohi to wake up. He asks Arohi to wake up else he will scold her. Kairav breaks down. Arohi response. Abhimanyu treats Arohi. Akshara learn from Manish that Arohi regained consciousness. Manish asks Akshara to come soon. Abhinav asks Akshara to travel else she will get scared.

Arohi wakes up. Manjiri asks Abhimanyu why Arohi is not speaking. Abhimanyu says Arohi is weak. He tells that she is fine. Arohi says to Abhimanyu that he scared everyone thus all are crying. She further asks Abhimanyu about Ruhi. Abhimanyu tells to Arohi that Ruhi better than her. Mainsh takes off evil eyes from Arohi. Anand asks everyone to let Arohi rest. Kairav asks Arohi to take discharge and come back home. Arohi asks Abhimanyu to discharge her soon. Abhimanyu decide to give Arohi a discharge.

Nurses out there praises Abhimanyu for taking care of Arohi. Manjiri gets happy. Mainsh asks Akshara why she cancelled the ticket. He says she crashed his hope. Akshara says she was coming because nothing was fine, but now Arohi is well thus she decided to cancel. Manish says situations took her away and he is sure someday she will back under unfavourable condition. Abhir asks Abhinav why Akshara don’t get a leave like them. Abhinav agree with Abhir.

Akshara asks Manish to take care of Muskaan. Manish decide to welcome Muskaan to feel connected with Akshara. Abhir checks Akshara’s fever. He gets surprised how Akshara’s fever got cured soon. Abhinav says Akshara got happy learning about Arohi’s good health. He says blood relation matters a lot and he will not be able to understand the same ever. Abhir says to Abhinav that he is his own son. Akshara and Abhinav stand stunned. Muskaan come and asks Akshara what is going on. Akshara asks Muskaan to go to Udaipur and get settled. Muskaan asks Akshara if because of some reason she is backing off to go to Udaipur. Akshara decide to tell Muskaan the truth later.

Kairav recall his moments with Akshara, Arohi. He breaks down. Suhasini believes Kairav will be back soon. Arohi asks Ruhi if she didn’t trouble Abhimanyu. Ruhi praised jam send by Akshara. Arohi decoded jam was prepared by Akshara post learning the flavour. She confront Abhimanyu about the same. Abhimanyu stands stunned. Arohi asks Abhimanyu if Akshara sent the jam from Himanchal because berry and cinnamon flavour is taught by Swarna.

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