Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th January 2023 Written Episode Written Update


Akshu cooking the food. She gets the bag. Abhinav thinks thanks Akshara for filling these frames, else I was so lonely in my life. He sees her. She asks what’s this gift. He says it’s a saree. She asks the worth. He says 800rs, 950rs, I swear. She asks 950rs, we don’t have a money tree, you know the electricity bill, why did you buy this saree, tell me, go and return this, please. He says no, you have just two sarees to go outside, this doesn’t look good. She says you get two sarees for me when you have three taxis. He says no, I don’t like savings scheme, we can’t waste today for tomorrow. She asks why do you wear torn shoes, you have no shoes. He says your printed saree is torn. She says I will cover it with a shawl. Abhir comes and greets. Neela looks on. Abhir says I had a sweet dream. Akshu says he will make a new demand now. Abhir says I saw a good dream, I had my own room. Abhinav says you be with me, its my love. Abhir asks can’t you make a room for me, what kind of dad are you. He goes. Akshu scolds him. She asks Abhinav to promise, he won’t feel guilty. She says I will see him. Abhinav says don’t scold him much, promise. She says promise, I will explain him. He cries.

Abhi and family discuss the hospital matters in the meeting. Mahima says just see what Ruhi did. Rohan smiles and says her drawing is really good. Abhi says show it to me. Mahima says Abhi and Aarohi, learn to control Ruhi. Anand jokes. Mahima says Ruhi is getting spoilt. Abhi says she is kiddish. He also jokes. Mahima gets angry and asks him to focus on work. She says you and Rohan will attend a conference in Shimla. Abhi says no. Anand says I will go. Mahima says you have surgeries lined up, Parth will go. Manjiri and Shefali come to the hospital. Aarohi asks Shefali about the swelling on her face. Mahima calls Shefali. She asks Shefali to hide everything by makeup, take care of her face. Abhi shows the paper to Manjiri and says butterflies are beautiful. She laughs.

Akshu comes to Abhir and tries to convince him. She says what you told your dad wasn’t fair. She gives him an icecream. She tells the story of a superhero, Papa. He says my Papa has no abs, he isn’t any superhero. She says he is more than a superhero, when you were going to come in the world… She recalls Abhinav rushing her to the hospital. He doesn’t get any taxi. He tries to get a lift. She asks him to promise, he will save her child if she doesn’t get saved. He says I promise, I will take you to the hospital, and return with you and your child. He sees a cane chair there. He makes Akshu sit on the chair. He covers her with the plastic sheets. He takes the chair on his back. He says nothing will happen to you, don’t worry, I will take you to the hospital. FB ends. Akshu says hospital was at the top, you chose a big time stormy raining night to come, sky was feeling my pain and crying, it was thundering, the way wasn’t clear, but your Papa didn’t lose, he supported me, he fell down and got hurt, but he went ahead and walked, he was with me, then…. FB shows Abhinav getting Akshu to the hospital. He says I m here, don’t worry. She says much money was needed at the hospital, he said he just wants our safety, nothing was easy. FB shows doctor saying case is complicated, baby can get in danger. Abhinav says don’t say this, this baby isn’t an orphan. Doctor says we will try our best, but maybe we can just save mum’s life. Abhinav says no, save her baby, else she can’t live without her baby. Doctor says calm down, you did good to get her here. Abhinav says no, its no use, I will pray for this baby and Akshu. He goes and prays.

Akshu sees him. She is taken in OT. Akshu says then you were born after much difficulty. FB shows Akshu saying Abhi, our baby has come. Abhir says I m strong, nurse didn’t know it. Akshu says nurse knew it, we both were weak, you are strong today because of your dad. FB ends. Doctor gives Abhir to Abhinav. Abhinav cries. He asks about Akshu. Doctor says she had much bleeding, she got weak, we will see her, but the baby is more weak. Abhinav says we will make him strong, just take care of Akshu, I m enough for him. Abhinav sits taking care of Akshu and the baby. Akshu wakes up and sees Abhinav. Doctor says you leave the baby with the nurse, you didn’t sleep since 4 days. Abhinav says no, its fine, baby looks well. Doctor says its because of you, we had lost hope, but you didn’t lose faith. Abhinav says I just got this faith. He asks Akshu to see her son. She asks my son? He says yes, only yours. She thanks him. He smiles. FB ends. Akshu hugs Abhir. She says don’t say such things to your Papa ever again, being a good human is the big super hero, Papa is a super hero, he will never say what he lost for us, he will stand in front of us to protect us from problems, tell me now. He says my Papa is a super Papa.

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