Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 17th October 2020 Written Episode Written Update

Kuhu and Kunal get ready for dandiya function. Kunal gets romantic and asks if he should help her. She shyingly says she knows what happens during this time in Bollywood films. He walks away. She pulls him. He hugs her and tying her back lace part ways saying he will not take advantage. She says he is so cute. He says he will name baby Kunal. She says another ladaku chokro. In Abir and Mishti’s room, Abir gets ready while Mishti continues chatting with babu. He insists her to get ready soon as told 5 minutes 30 minutes ago. She says she doesn’t need 30 minutes to get ready and leaves. Abir chats with baby next. Misthi returns getting ready, and Abir sits dumbstuck mesmerized with her beauty.

Kaushal mamaji and Ketki return home from relatives home and ask Nidhi about baby. They see BB and touch her feet. Abir and Mishti bring baby, Mamaji and Ketki meet baby. Kunal says he will name baby Shahrukh. Kuhu says name it himself. Family drama continues. Family plays dance next. Mishti gets busy in phone while taking care of baby. BB sees dandiyas tied up shaking and falling towards Mishti and baby, rushes to them, pushes Mishti and baby’s cradle away and falls down unconscious herself bearing the blow. Abir rushes to her worried and takes her to room. Doctor treats her. Mishti asks him to speak to maa, but he walks away. Mishti, Kunal, Kuhu, Parul try to convince him, but he gets adamant saying maa acted as changing many times before and never changed. BB wakes up and pleads to let her meet Abir and baby in vain. At night, Abir brings baby outside BB’s room and watches her from window.

Next morning, family gathers again and ask who is having chain they ordered for baby. Kunal enters and says he is having it and one more important person is coming. Nanaji/Yashpal walks in. Everyone get happy seeing him. Abir hugs him and says he is glad to see him back, good he is back. Nanaji jokes. Mishti shows baby and tries to touch feet. Nanaji says he is still young and says baby’s eyes are like him. Abir says like him Nanaji says even Abir’s eyes are like him. He searches BB. BB walks in and touches his feet emotionally. He says she became grandma now and should be happy. Mishti asks Kuhu if she found a name for baby. She says Abish, Kunal says Abir and Mishti’s combination. Everyone likes it. Abir says not okay, name is fine, but who found it should name the baby. He walks to BB and says if she has found name, she should name baby handing over baby to her. BB emotionall says Abish means loyal, he should be loyal like his papa Abir. She says Abir and Kunal named their gang as Bro gang, she will name her and her grandson’s team as buddy gang. Everyone laugh. Kuhu says this moment should be captured. Abir sets camera for family photo. They all together stand for pic.

Happy Ending Yrhpk