Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke: Kuhu gets the job

The episode starts with Mishti seeing Abir’s cycle and stopping near the temple. She looks around and is about to unlock the cycle. Abir stops her and asks what are you doing. She says I am just trying to open the lock. She says I didn’t know you know me so well. He says even I didn’t know this, our past is an ugly ghost for us, so smile and tell the past that it doesn’t control our present. She says you are right, when I came to Rajshri, I decided that I will always smile, I will never look back in life.
He says liar, you always look back when I call you. She laughs and asks him not to be sad thinking about his dad. He asks how do you know I am here. She says I was following you. He says I will complain to Kunal. She says you need Uma’s permission for it. Kuhu and Mishti argue. Kuhu gets a surprise and thanks Mishti. Subhash calls Mishti. He says I have called you to say that you are selected for the job.
Mishti says but, Kunal, does he not have any objection. He says its my work to select candidates. She says thanks, but I can’t take this job, give this job to next candidate. She says I would have not gone there if I knew that this firm is of Kunal, I can’t take support of anyone’s name. Kuhu jumps happily. Rajshri asks what happened. Kuhu says I got the job. Kuhu says sorry, you also gave interview, I got selected, as I am the best. Mishti hugs her. Meenakshi sees Abir playing guitar. She recalls his childhood.
Kunal comes to her. She asks him not to worry. He says you and Abir have become opponents. Bau ji comes and says Mishti will manage them after she comes, your would be wife. He jokes. Meenakshi says this is not fair. Kunal laughs. He says Abir and mum are my responsibility, Mishti will have one responsibility, that’s to understand me, Subhash called and said Mishti rejected the job offer, it means she knows what I want.
Meenakshi goes to her room. She says everyone’s clothes go for ironing, why do you iron my clothes. Parul says none can do what you do for us. Meenakshi says you know I don’t want Mishti and Kunal’s relation to form, matter got tangled, Mishti refused for the job offer. Parul says Mishti doesn’t seem like that, she didn’t leave her stubbornness, she won’t listen to anyone.
Meenakshi says what do you think the reason could be. Mishti reads about the NGO ad and asks the address. She says I can’t work with Kunal. She calls Kunal and gets number busy. Abir asks the lady to send the applicant inside. Subhash says Mishti took her name back and Kuhu was the next suitable candidate. She says you should have asked me once. Meenakshi gets angry. She says I don’t want anyone to come in my way. She meets Laxman why is she here, did he find Naman.
He says no, I was going to Udaipur, I found your son, he is searching for his dad. She says I will manage Abir, you go to Udaipur. Parul gets her purse and tiffin. Meenakshi says every mum wants her son to progress, why is Abir interested in past, didn’t I give good memories to Abir that he is going to find his dad, if Kunal marries that wrong girl, he will also get away. Parul says I am sure you will do it for their betterment. Abir recalls Mishti. Mishti comes for interview and tells her name. Abir gets shocked. He thinks we can’t talk as Vishwamber refused for this. He hides from her. She says I got this resume with me.