Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 10th May 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Naina is wearing the pink nightie and has decorated the room with candles. Raat Baki song plays. She keeps looking towards the door and Sameer finally enters. He looks at the house and her. She holds Sameer’s hand as he turns to go. She keeps his hands around her waist and keeps her hands on his shoulders. He removes her hands from him and sits on the sofa. She sits closer to him. She turns him towards her and kisses him on the forehead and cheeks turn by turn. Sameer walks away. She smiles.

Voiceover – Sameer:
That day, Naina must be amazed as to how Sameer was shying away that day. She knew it well that Sameer could never get shy! I told her very late that I was just pulling her leg that day!

Munna and Pundit sing school prayer to blackmail him. Rakesh gives them

a list of tasks to do. Munna looks at the suitcase. It does not look like he will ever return! They wonder how to stop Rakesh from going to Bombay. Pundit prays to God to stop Rakesh from going to Bombay. Munna likes one of the ideas. How to break his legs? They get thinking. Pundit points at the suitcase. They fill it up with heavy stuff. Only this bag can break Rakesh Sir’s morale now. They keep it down together.

Sameer comes to his room but it is decorated as well. Naina obviously follows him upstairs. She closes the door. Sameer keeps backing off as she comes closer. She pushes him because of which they both fall on the bed on top of each other. Kanji calls out to them just then. Sameer runs downstairs. Naina fumes. I will kill Kanji Bhaiya but I will kill Sameer first! He is so romantic always but today!

Kanji has come with his wife. Looking at the candles, he asks Sameer if there is no electricity. He answers his questions himself. He introduces his wife to Sameer next. Sameer covers herself with a shawl and goes downstairs. Kanji shares that his wife is eager to meet Naina. Sameer offers to give it but Kanji insists that Bhoori will give it to her. Sameer tells them to go. I will give it to Naina. We are a little busy. They turn to go but Naina stops them. She welcomes Kanji and Bhoori while Sameer tries to send them away.

Munna asks Rakesh where they should keep the suitcase. Rakesh asks them to keep it on his head. Pundit is about to do it literally but Munna reminds him that they have to only focus on his legs. They try to hurt Rakesh but he keeps shifting from one place to another. Munna finally tells Pundit he was right. Let’s break his head. They lift the suitcase. Rakesh asks them if they intend to break his head. Pundit asks him how he found out this. Munna covers up for Pundit. Rakesh asks them to keep it anywhere.

Naina tells Bhoori that Kanji keeps talking about her always. Sameer asks Naina to send them away. Naina asks him if he said something. She talks nicely to Bhoori who gives her homemade stuff. Sameer asks them to leave. We are in a rush. Naina asks him what the rush is about. She keeps talking to Bhoori thereby making Sameer restless. He sends them away finally. Naina is smiling. Kanji asks Naina why she is wearing this shawl. Do you have fever? You look different. I will call doc. Sameer assures him that he has done it already. Kanji offers to make tea for her. Sameer literally throws them out of his house. Naina laughs. Sameer chases Naina upstairs. Humma Humma song plays. A candle falls on the side table as he holds her close. Doorbell rings just then. Sameer goes downstairs. It’s a random person. He switches off the phase so no one can disturb them.

Rakesh makes Munna and Pundit clean his shoes. They smile thinking of their plan.

Sameer and Naina are enjoying romantic moments together.

Precap: Agarwal family celebrates Holi with Naina and Sameer. Naina and Sameer keep looking at each other as they burst firecrackers.