Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 19th October 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Dadi consoling Dada. She says Amrita’s child is the reason for our living. Angad comes and asks Dada ji are you fine. Dada ji says yes. Dadi says he was just acting, he is fine. Dadi and Dada ji argue. Angad says don’t worry, I m looking for jobs for Kabir, everything will be fine, make good videos, many are making money by videos. Dada ji asks really. Amrita says your friend’s channel got monetized. Angad asks which friend. Amrita winks. He says yes, Rohan got a cheque of 2 lakhs. Amrita says you can earn money and give it to me, I m ready to take it. Dada ji asks really, I will make a video now. Dadi argues with him. Soni comes. They ask her to make a video. Amrita asks Soni to drop Soni to her friend’s party. Angad asks will you go like this, wearing a chawl. Amrita says she is ready, this isn’t a shawl, but a stole. Soni asks shall I go, take care, sorry, I m going. Amrita says don’t get emotional, everyone is there to look after me. Soni goes. Amrita asks where did Kabir go.

Kabir comes to meet Pritam. Pritam asks you. Kabir asks is everything fine, are you busy. He asks about the toys. Pritam asks him to go. Kabir says I want a favor. Pritam says I won’t give you money, your family will scold me. Kabir says get me a job, else I have to sit at the saree shop, I don’t want my life to get tangled. Pritam says fine, I will talk to someone. Kabir hugs her. Monty calls Pritam and says a party is going on at your farmhouse, its a rave party, those guys have come to get drugs. Pritam asks Kabir to leave, he will talk to someone and tell him. Kabir hugs him and goes. Pritam shuts the door and talks to Monty. He says ask Nitin to reach there, I m also coming, keep an eye on those guys, be careful.

The party goes on. Soni comes there and meets her friends. Pritam locks the door. Kabir says you work in stock exchange, I will assist you. Pritam says I m in a hurry, I have to go. Kabir says I won’t have value please. Pritam says don’t get after me, I have to go now, let me go. Kabir asks are you going to party, shall I come along. Pritam goes. Kabir says Soni will party today. The girls ask Soni to drink. Soni says no, I don’t drink. Naveen is also there. He sees Soni and asks what is she doing here. The guys make fun of her. Monty waits for Pritam. Pritam comes there and sees Monty. Monty signs about Naveen and the drug seller. Monty says his name is Bishu, the guys are in front of us. Pritam says they shouldn’t get saved. Monty asks why did you get the gun. Pritam says we will do something big today. Soni is also there. She says I don’t want to drink. Nishu says life is all about exploring new things, go for it. Soni drinks. Nimmo asks did you meet Soni’s friend. Angad says I didn’t go inside. Guneet says she is your sister. Angad asks how can I go inside her friend’s house. Kabir says let them live. Angad says I will go and pick her. Dada ji says Nimmo, let them get happy. Guneet says I won’t get a good sleep until she comes.

Amrita says we will also party at home. Angad and Kabir like the idea. Everyone agrees. She gets the juice drinks. Guneet asks why these glasses, wine glass feels bad when we put juice in it. Dada ji says yes, we would have taken some drinks. Biji says don’t forget the mehendi night. They all laugh. Amrita recalls Karan. Nimmo asks what happened. Amrita says nothing, we will play antakshari. Nisha asks Soni to come with her and take a line. Soni asks what. Ishani says don’t take her, she isn’t ready for this. Soni sees Pritam there. She thinks he knew I m going in a party, is he following me, no, why will he follow me, what is he doing here. Everyone sings. Guneet goes to check the alcohol. He asks who has finished it. Nimmo says I don’t know. He asks her to get it from Dada ji’s bottle. She asks him to have ashamed. Everyone laughs and sings. Guneet goes to get some alcohol from Dada ji’s room. Naveen says I want more drugs. His friends joke on him. Naveen sees Nitin there. He says what is he doing here, I have seen him somewhere, whatever. Nitin meets Pritam. Pritam asks when is your second party coming. Nitin says coming.