Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 31st July 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Amrita saying every girl gets her own fate, we will handle this. Dadi says yes, who knows, Meera’s fate brings happiness for us, go and fix the marriage date. Angad says listen to me, I m not joking, we will delay the marriage. Nimmo asks what will happen, Meera will have the same food like us. Amrita asks why are you getting so angry. Nimmo asks Angad to understand, Amrita’s delivery is close, then they will get busy with the baby, its better to keep marriage before that. Guneet says I will handle the shop. Angad says fine, do as you want, I m getting late for office. Amrita goes to get tiffin. Dada ji asks Guneet not to worry for Angad, just think about the shop. Amrita asks Angad is everything fine. He goes. Nimmo stops him and says think something about your dad’s shop, he doesn’t have money to fill the shop again. Angad says sure and leaves sadly.

The family comes to meet Krishnakant. Dada ji likes the lavish house. Nimmo says we used the sanitizers, Krishnakant sold sanitizers and turned rich. Apa gets the tea. He says you didn’t say you are coming. Nimmo says we have called you, you didn’t answer. Apa asks really, he didn’t say. He says maybe I had gone for a bath, have tea. He asks Guneet and Dada ji to have the costly biscuits. Kabir jokes. Dada ji asks is this juice also imported. Krishnakant says yes. Dada ji says its really good. Krishnakant asks how did you come. Nimmo says I think you aren’t happy with our coming. Apa says you are also our family. He says actually, I have to go to my client, business has expanded, I have no time. He asks Guneet about his shop. He says leave the clothes, keep sanitizers, join my business. Dada ji asks about the chandelier. Krishnakant says I had bought it, its worth 24 lakhs. Amrita says its great, we have come to talk about the alliance. Meera comes and greets them. She hugs Nimmo and Amrita.

Meera says I got to know that they have come, so I came in a rush. Amrita asks why didn’t you come in Dolly’s marriage. Kabir says uncle didn’t let her come, he sells sanitizers but he is scared of corona. Krishnakant says be scared of corona, remember what corona snatched from you. Amrita says we remember. Nimmo says not everyone’s fate is like you. Krishnakant says yes, corona made my life. Amrita says Angad went to his office. Kabir says the guy won’t come to talk about the marriage. Krishnakant asks what, what do we have to decide now. Nimmo says you made us away, so we had to come. Apa says after Karan’s leaving, you got away from us. Nimmo says we weren’t invited in the grahpravesh, how could we come. Amrita says forget it. Meera asks didn’t you inform. Krishnakant says pandit ji changed the dates so much, so it got missed. Meera says I got angry on Angad for this. Kabir says you scolded me too. Krishnakant asks Apa to show the house to everyone. Amrita asks Navya to show the house. Apa asks why didn’t you invite them in grahpravesh.

Meera says I will show you my room, why didn’t Angad come, this isn’t fair, he shouldn’t come. He likes the room a lot. He says you come to our house with baraat, Angad will settle here, I will also come. She says my husband won’t become ghar jamai, you are mean, decorate my room well in your house. He asks are you choosing Sasural or booking five star hotel, we don’t have money, ask Angad, he has much money. Angad worries. He doesn’t get any job. He is at cafe. He asks his friend to help him, he is jobless since two months. He tries at different places. He recalls Karan. Everyone wishes him for the new job and make plans of expanding Guneet’s shop. Karan says when I got a job, dad said I have become Guneet, Angad you have now become Karan. FB ends. Angad says you had many dreams, our happiness got ruined, I want to fulfill your dreams, but don’t know how. He sits crying. He gets a video call from Meera. He goes aside and answers. Kabir asks him to see Meera’s room, its amazing. She asks could you not take an off. Angad says I had a client meeting. Kabir asks why are you outside always. Angad says clients want to meet outside because of covid, I will call later. He disconnects. Krishnakant says marriage can’t happen now. Nimmo asks why, is there any problem. Apa says no, Krishnakant decide it today. He says no Apa. Guneet says it was already decided.

Krishnakant says I m worried because of corona, we will wait. Amrita says its already late, after Karan left… Dadaji says Amrita showed us this path, marriages are happening these days. Nimmo says we will invite less guests. Amrita says we will keep social distancing. Guneet says give us this ray of hope, Meera is our hope.

Krishnakant says she is my ray of hope also. Amrita says I understand, its not easy to send away the daughter, don’t worry, I will become her good Jethani and keep her happy. Apa says yes, Meera has to go one day, she loves Angad, fix the date. Dada ji says I will keep my comedy item also, its Angad’s marriage. Navya says please, Meera also wants to marry. Apa says let him think, I m saying yes, tell me the date. Krishnakant says let me talk to pandit. Kabir says Meera, pack your bags, date is fixed. Nimmo says we shall leave now. Apa says have lunch and go. Nimmo says no, we have to take Amrita to the doctor for checkup. Meera says Kabir and I will take her. Apa says take Meera, be together. Dada ji says you are right, come. Meera goes with them. Guneet says call me after talking to pandit. Krishnakant sits worried.

Kabir asks Amrita to sit, Meera has gone to park the car. Amrita asks what happened, did you miss your brother. He says Karan used to sit in this cabin. He goes. She goes inside the cabin. She imagines Kabir. She recalls him and cries. A man gets an injured guy and asks her to treat him. She asks what happened to him, who has beaten him. Pritam comes there and says I have beaten him.