Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 6th December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Amrita consoling Ansh. Pritam comes and asks why is he crying so much. Amrita says don’t know, he isn’t drinking milk, he is just crying. He says make him lie down. He checks Ansh and says his stomach is hurt, maybe gas, do you have medicines. She says yes. She looks for it. She says I forgot that, we will take him to doctor. He says give me one min. He calls the receptionist and says send some hing, lukewarm water, and a bowl its for a baby, send it fast. Pritam receives it and asks the dinner menu. He says I will come and see. Amrita asks what are you doing. Pritam says its a home remedy, don’t worry. He mixes the hing in the water and applies it to Ansh’s stomach. Ansh calms down.

Amrita looks on. Pritam hugs Ansh and says its okay. Ansh sleeps. Pritam says you didn’t freshen up. Amrita says he didn’t give a chance. He says I will also go and get ready, you also get ready, we will have a dinner together. Angad asks Soni to tell the truth, what’s happening. Kabir says Nimmo would have done a new drama. Soni says stop nonsense. He says she got mad. Angad says shut up. Kabir asks was it right that she got locked along with Ansh, what is all this, why does she want something in return always. Soni say she was much worried today. She tells them everything. Kabir says even Guneet is senti these days, he go angry on us because of Yuvraj. She says its because of Yuvraj, Dadu was talking about him. Angad asks how did he get so imp. Kabir asks did he come to see Soni. Angad says no, he is middle-aged, no one can think of getting her married to such an elder guy. Soni recalls Pritam and says age doesn’t matter these days, I mean he didn’t come for me, else everyone would have made me ready. Angad asks her to focus on studies, age difference matters.

Pritam and Amrita come for dinner. Pritam takes care of Ansh. A man sings Tum jo milgaye ho…. Pritam says Ansh is fine, he did potty. She says sorry. He says I had changed the nappy. She says thanks. He says it fine, Ansh is the landlord, Ansh can make me out of the house. She taunts him and says this is called sense of humour. He says we will order food. She says yes, I m very hungry. Pritam says we will have food of your choice. She says I will order it, you don’t tell anything then. She gives the order. He asks is this enough, its too much, will you eat so much. She says yes, we are going to Punjab, that feel should come. He laughs. He takes care of Ansh. She looks at him and asks did you lose a child in your life. He asks what. She says person takes care of something he lost before. He says no. She says child care home, silver toy, drawing, your care for Ansh. He says no.

She says there is something, how do you know all this. He says everyone knows the basics. She says true love isn’t found on internet, like you see Ansh, I feel you are finding someone else in Ansh. He says everyone loves children. She says you were close to some child and raised him. He says no, you are spying a lot, children come in our lives by any relation, and we remember few things, listen to this song, its my fav. He sings. Ansh cries. Amrita takes Ansh. She says his hand is getting cold, I will get his blanket. Pritam says I will get it, wait. He goes.

Dadi says Nimmo didn’t have food. Dada ji says I know, let Amrita come, she will handle everything. Dadi says yes, she went today only. Guneet asks Nimmo to have food. Nimmo says I don’t want, I love everyone. Guneet says you are demanding just the rights, its not love. She gets upset. He says children are also feeling that something is wrong. She says tell them, they have a right to know. Dada ji says we won’t tell them. Guneet says we should think of Amrita, its right for her. She says Ansh needs her, she can marry anyone later. He asks and Ansh. She says Ansh is mine, Amrita promised me, I m his mum. She cries. She says Karan’s Ansh will always stay with me.

Amrita talks to Kuljeet on call. She says I will come in the morning, we have come to have food at the restaurant, I will talk later. Pritam gets Ansh’s bag. He says I thought not to open your bag. She says you have manners. Amrita and Karan’s pic falls. He picks the pic and says you are taking Karan along with you. She says Ranjha will go with his Heer always.

The man asks who would like to sing the next song. Amrita asks Pritam to sing a song. He says no. She asks him to go. She says Pritam will sing now. He says I don’t know singing. She asks him to go. She says he is modest, he is a trained singer and dances well. Few guys look at Amrita. She says you will sing first. She insists Pritam. He says I m going. Amrita whistles and says sing for fun. Pritam says I will try. He says play any song. Amrita says no, play duniya bananewale….. it has life’s philosophy. The guys comment on her.