Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 8th December 2021 Written Episode Written Update

Pritam tells Kuljit that this to me he didn’t fight with anyone. He says that their daughter is fighting with some and he was trying to stop her. He says that because of her he was also shot by a gun. Amrita ask him to not complain about her because the gun shot just touched him and went away. Kuljit gets happy and says that finally they get their old Amrita back. He says that Amrita is number 1 in fighting. Pritam ask them that why they are appreciating it?

Kuljit says because they are missing this version of Amrita. Then Kuljit ask Amrita to come inside. Pritam says that now he is leaving. Kuljit ask him to stay with them till Jassi’s engagement. He says that he will manage. Then kuljit insist him so much. Amrita ask him to stop showing tantrums. She says that he should stay there if everyone is insisting him. Pritam says okay. When Amrita goes inside he shows the places to Ansh where she used to hide after a fight amd how she used to paint the walls. Then she takes him inside her room.

She shows him the area where she studied and everything. Saroj ask her to calm down. Then she sees that Karan’s picture in the wall are missing. She ask Saroj where are the pictures of Karan? She tells her that she removed them while cleaning. She ask her how could she do this? She gets angry on saroj. Kuljit ask her to calm down. She says that she wants to see the pictures of Karan right now otherwise she will not stay there. Then kuljit take out those pictures from store room and give it to Amrita. She says that Karan will always stay with her.

Saroj says to Amrita but she came alone here and he is not here with her. Kuljit takes away her. He ask her what is the need of doing all this? She says that they need to make Amrita realise that she needs to move on. Kuljit says it’s not easy. She Says that Amrita can’t spend her whole life alone with the memories of Karan. Saroj says that for Amrita he have to help her. Pritam listens their conversation. Saroj ask Kuljit don’t he want Amrita to settle again in her life.